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9/11 memorial in New York City

Updated on July 31, 2012

Waterfall at 9/11 memorial

The 9/11 memorial
The 9/11 memorial

9/11 memorial

During our family trip to New York City we’ve been to see several of the popular attractions in this great city. What we’re talking about here though is a memorial – although it is an attraction in its own right. The memorial in question is the 9/11 memorial in the financial district of New York City. The 9/11 memorial has to be a destination for anyone visiting New York City – especially those of us who are old enough to remember the pictures on live TV in 2001.

Visiting the 9/11 memorial

At the time of visiting the 9/11 memorial (June 2011) the area was still under construction, so the first thing to do was get one of the limited number of tickets which are made available. The water-taxi provided tickets for the 9/11 memorial, and made the perfect way of getting to the financial district – the Water taxi departs pier 84, which is on the Hudson in midtown Manhattan. We like to get to these thing early (as I mentioned in our trip to the Top of the Rock), so arrived at the water taxi in time for its 8:30am opening. We got our all day hop-op/hop-off tickets, and the 9/11 memorial ticket – which allowed us access at 10am.

Looking at the 9/11 memorial

Taking in the 9/11 memorial in New York City - The Freedom Tower can be seen under construction on the right
Taking in the 9/11 memorial in New York City - The Freedom Tower can be seen under construction on the right

Entry to the 9/11 memorial

As we were quite early in the day, there weren’t too many queues to enter the 9/11 memorial. There is plenty of airline security to go through, which takes its time – but doesn’t cause any problems. The memorial itself is a very moving area; the memorial is made up of two large waterfalls which sit in the footprint of the original twin towers. Around the edge of the waterfalls are the names of all the people who died in that tower.

Freedom tower next to the site is the new tower – Freedom tower, and although not yet completed, this tower is now the tallest building in New York City.

Any tips

Like many of the places we chose to visit in New York City, the biggest tip is to go early. The 9/11 memorial only lets a certain number of people visit every day. So, book your place early – that way you know you’ll get in. You’re also given a time to visit, so once you’ve booked your visit to the 9/11 memorial, you can the plan the rest of your day around your visit.

Freedom Tower

The Freedom Tower in New York City
The Freedom Tower in New York City


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