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A Buyer's Guide to Spring TX Homes For Sale

Updated on January 22, 2011

Are you thinking of relocating to Spring Texas, or are you a current resident looking for tips and tricks when it comes to finding Spring Texas homes for sale? If so then this article is for you. Specifically we’ll discuss types of Spring TX homes for sale, reasons for buying a Spring TX home and how to find the right Spring Texas home for you and your family. After reading this article you should be able to begin your search for a Spring Texas home with confidence.

Spring Texas Homes

As of September 2009 there were 1,495 Spring TX homes for sale with a median listing price of $176,000. $275,000 was the median price for new Spring Texas homes, while an average foreclosure was listed at $118,000. With Spring Texas homes listed anywhere from 3 million or more down to $25,000 for a manufactured home there is something available for every price range.

Why Buy A Spring Texas Home

Before you start searching for your dream home it is a good idea to get pre-qualified for a mortgage. A pre-qualification helps by narrowing down the price range you can afford to look in and it also will speed up the closing process once an offer is accepted.

Open houses can be a great way to tour several homes in a weekend to get the feel for different styles and layouts. If you target one house per area you can get a good idea of the differences between neighborhoods over the course of a weekend.

Why Buy a Spring Texas Home?

Spring Texas is a great place to live. It was voted one of the Top 1000 Places to Retire in U.S. News and World Reports. Spring has the feeling of an old town community with a lot of big town amenities. Spring is just a few minutes from the Bush International Airport, The Woodlands Mall, The Mercer Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. Spring is home to several beautiful parks, charming Old Town and Splashdown, the only amusement park in the greater Houston area. With vibrant schools, beautiful neighborhoods and excellent dining and shopping venues, choosing to buy a Spring TX home is a wise decision.

How to Find the Right Spring TX Home for You

A great way to find a the best selection of Spring Texas homes for sale is to get in touch with an experienced Realtor who has several years experience working in the area. A good Realtor can take your list of wants and produce a list of Spring Texas homes that are a good match. Before selecting a Realtor, make sure you ask for a few references and choose a Realtor whose references are enthusiastic. Also make sure to pick a Realtor who has experience showing and listing homes in Spring TX.

Another good way to shop for homes in Spring Texas is to search online and make a list of possible properties. Many online directories of homes for sale will list the addresses and you can check them out before contacting the owner or a Realtor.


Spring Texas is a beautiful place to work and live. Close to museums, shopping and dining as well as providing great residential areas, Spring is an excellent place to retire or to bring up a family. If you’re looking for Spring TX homes for sale check several of the online directories that specialize in homes in Spring Texas. It also can pay off to work with a local Realtor who can show you the best Spring TX homes for sale. With the information in this article you can begin your search for the perfect Spring Texas home for you and your family.

Spring TX Homes For Sale

Spring Texas Home
Spring Texas Home


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      Danielle Austin 3 years ago

      Homes for sale is available in Kingwood, Texas, a place great to live and invest. A lot of my friends experienced it. They told me to visit this site

    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 8 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      nice article. thank you