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A Day in Napa Series: #2

Updated on February 21, 2016
View from Newton Vineyard
View from Newton Vineyard | Source

Napa Valley

There is something new to see, experience, and taste every time you visit Napa Valley. Each visit there becomes an adventure as well as a learning experience. You might think you know wine, but each winery will probably teach you at least one new thing. With so many amazing wineries, it can be difficult to choose just a few to visit. However, you should fight the urge to rush through each winery, because every place has so many special things to enjoy. This guide can be helpful to those feeling overwhelmed with choices or for those just looking for neat places to visit. This is part two of a guide offering suggestions for day trips to Napa Valley.

Inside Hall Winery
Inside Hall Winery | Source

Hall Winery

Located in St. Helena, which is one of my favorite areas in Napa, this is a winery that will leave your taste buds watering. Their Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc are simply delectable, as are so many of their other wines. Of course doing a tasting is always the best way to find your own personal favorite, and this is a perfect place to sip some wine and enjoy the views. The friendly staff really help make the experience extra fun, and are very helpful and informative. The building also has an impressive modern flair with some intriguing artwork to view. It is open from 10-5:30 and there is no reservation required for a small group tasting. The cost is $30 for a tasting and $40 for the tour. You won't regret coming to taste the wines here!

View from Hall Winery
View from Hall Winery | Source

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Newton Vineyard

The next stop is Newton Vineyard, sitting atop Spring Mountain, in one of the most awe inspiring locations in Napa Valley. Newton is located in St. Helena, just a few minutes away from Hall Winery. Upon arrival, the views will immediately take your breath away. You will then be led into their beautiful gardens for the start of the tour, followed by the cellars. It is one of the more unique destinations to visit in the area and you will not be disappointed. When you are at Newton, you feel so at peace and removed from the chaos of the world below. Between the wine and the setting, this place has everything you would want from a visit to Napa. Newton is known for their Chardonnay, which you can sample during the seated tasting. The tranquil tasting room and lovely view makes this the perfect place to sip wine and have good conversation with fellow wine lovers. Newton is open Thursday-Monday and reservations are required for the $50 tour and tasting.

Vineyards at Newton Vineyard
Vineyards at Newton Vineyard | Source
Newton | Source
Garden at Newton Vineyard
Garden at Newton Vineyard | Source

Lunch at Pizzeria Tra Vigne

After a morning filled with wine tasting, a great place to eat in the area is Pizzeria Tra Vigne. If you like Italian food this is a good choice to fill your stomach and take a break from wine tasting. Their wood fired pizzas are amazing, and on a nice day you can eat outside on the patio and enjoy California's beautiful weather. Not only is the food delicious, but the prices are quite affordable as well. The restaurant is located in St. Helena and it is not too far from either Hall Winery or Newton Vineyard. You can make reservations or walk in.

Mumm Napa
Mumm Napa | Source

Mumm Napa

Do not leave Napa without visiting Mumm Napa. Mumm is famous for their Sparkling Wine, and there really isn't a bad wine there. It is an excellent place to visit any time of the day, but it is especially wonderful in the evening to unwind with a glass of champagne amidst the glowing lights and vineyards. Mumm Napa is a magical way to end any day in Napa. It is one of the best places for just enjoying an evening with good friends or someone special. Mumm is located off of Silverado Trail, and no reservation is required for small groups. The patio and salon tasting is $18-$25 and the tour is $30 with a champagne flute included.

View from the tasting patio and salon.
View from the tasting patio and salon. | Source

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