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A Few of the Absolute Best Beaches to Enjoy In South Carolina

Updated on July 15, 2016

Mountains, marshes, gorgeous sandy beaches, and hundreds of lively festivals are what contribute to the state's adopted slogan of “Made for Vacation”; and that slogan lives up to its name!

South Carolina has a distinct reputation for offering miles and miles of sub-tropical beaches that attract families, beach-bums, surfers, honeymooners, retired couples and anyone else who simply cannot resist being kissed by the sun, listening to seagulls hover overhead and feeling warm sand flowing between one's toes.

Let's take a quick peek at three beaches, in particular, that make South Carolina the go-to spot for getting away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world.

Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand

Myrtle Beach, the city, is a treasured get away for South Carolina's residents and visitors; and it remains the ultimate vacation spot for anyone fortunate enough to be living anywhere along the entire East Coast. Myrtle Beach is the hub of the Grand Strand which is a 60-mile stretch of pristine beach ambiance that has to be seen to be appreciated. It is here where white sand, surf and water-sports are a part of daily life. The 60-mile stretch of beaches is essentially an uninterrupted arc of beauty where adults and children can be seen sailing, shell hunting, fishing, swimming and soaking in the sun.

Along the Grand Strand, one can't help but dance to the sound of beach music, get an eyeful of flowering tropical plants and palmetto trees, and relish whatever overnight accommodation one might choose: oceanfront resorts with ocean-view balconies, cozy beach homes, campgrounds, condo rentals and more – it's all right here within the Grand Strand in Myrtle Beach!

Folly Island and Folly Beach

Folly Beach is a city that offers delightful beach life, and has a reputation as an incredibly laid-back destination, located on historic Folly Island. It is here where adventures of the distant past included pirates and shipwrecks that occurred regularly in the waters, nearby. The beaches here are quiet and peaceful and allow visitors to become oblivious to the demands and deadlines of the real world….located somewhere beyond.

Three public beaches: Folly Beach, Isle of Palms and Sullivan's Island are within a few minutes' drive from downtown Folly; but the Folly Beach park, itself, is becoming known for its growing restaurant ambiance, state park, water-sport activities and beachfront homes that quaintly dot the land-scape. More than 2,500 feet of ocean frontage is speckled with dressing areas, outdoor showers, restrooms, boardwalks, picnic areas and a popular snack bar.

If you love to surf, then grab a board from a local surf board/boogie board rental shop and take advantage of some of the best surfing north of Florida, on the East Coast! If surfing is new to you and the coastal waters truly beckon your spirit, Shaka Surf School offers hour-long semi-private and private surf lessons. If your stay is a longer one, take advantage of Shaka Surf School's surf camps that cater to week-long vacationers where 3-hour lessons take place each morning from 9-noon.

It would be remiss not to mention dolphin-watching at Folly Beach where you can take in the beauty and grace of these magnificent animals by boat or kayak. Flipper Finder Tours provides all the expertise on where to spot these beauties; and you will marvel at how these darlings-of-the-sea herd schools of fish onto shore – breath-taking!

The Beaches of Kiawah Island

Kiawah Island is a coastal island that boasts of 10 miles of unspoiled beach ambiance in addition to 10,000 acres of natural woodlands and a myriad of other amenities that are guaranteed to excite anyone from the age of 1 to 100. Distinctive beach homes enjoy their pampered setting along a portion of the shoreline; and breeze-blown sand-dunes and waving sea-grass make for a picture-perfect setting – surreal eye-candy that will never be forgotten.

If leaving this oasis might be too painful, and an extended stay becomes your goal, the beach lifestyle can be enjoyed even longer by renting oceanfront homes, waterfront condominiums and vacation villas with views of the Atlantic. Vacation rentals offer quaint 1-bedroom bungalows to 11- bedroom oceanfront homes. Split the cost with family or friends and even the most-luxurious residence becomes affordable for just about anyone!

With miles of family-friendly seashore, tons of offshore recreation and sprawling seaside resorts, South Carolina is the ideal beach-scene destination that should be included on anyone's bucket list – in South Carolina, life IS a beach!


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