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Shillong and cherrapunji tour:Asian countries Natural sceneries station

Updated on September 30, 2012


Shillong is the capital city of Meghalaya a small North-East state of India. As the term denotes (Megha=cloud, laya=condition) the place is entrenched with clouds all around. The climate is too fluctuating between sunny and cloudiness all through the day with chances of rain showers. So the climate is never hot even during summer.

Shillong is a beautiful hill station and honey moon spot flooded with tourists from all over the world. It’s a great place for nature lovers to enjoy the natural scenery.

The population here comprises of various tribal communities living in mutual harmony. You can even come accross the traditional tribal culture, dressing, habits and life style. They even carry unique North East Indian physical feature with referance to eyes, height, skin texture etc. For hotels in Shillong click the link Hotels.

Meghalaya-abode of clouds-A View from Bus window


Shillong tour photos

The climate is not hot even in mid summers and looks as if about to rain
The climate is not hot even in mid summers and looks as if about to rain

Cherrapunji Water falls

Cherrapunji tour Photos

Scenery at cherrapunjee
Scenery at cherrapunjee
Thangkarang park: Indo-Bangladesh border-a  Cherrapunji location
Thangkarang park: Indo-Bangladesh border-a Cherrapunji location
Mawsmai cave entrance
Mawsmai cave entrance

Access: Shillong is around 105 km away from Assam's capital Guwahati and around 660 km from Darjeeling. You can reach guwahati by rail, road or air. Guwahati to Shillong you can have 21/2 hr journey by road. Guwahati railway station (Paltan Bazaar Railway Station) is connected with all major stations in the country. Form there you can catch a bus or private cabs to reach Shillong.

Shillong airport:You can also reach directly by air to Shillong air port Barapani Air Force Base or Umroi Airport located at Umroi, 30 km away from Shillong. From there you need to have a taxi or city buses to reach into meghalaya.

Shillong weather: The area of Shillong is comprised of hills, valleys, water falls, and lush green forests giving a romantic feel. With variation in climate the region in winter is snow covered with temperature falling to 2oc and summers remains cool with maximum 24o c during the day. This weather is a grand beauty for nature lovers, a relishing spot for honeymoon couple and a refreshing experience to the tourists. The best time to tour shillong is October to May as you can spend either elegant winter or pleasant summer there.

Notable places during visit to Shillong include Don Boscow museum, Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians church, Grotto Church, all Saints Church, the Botanical Garden, Golf Course-the Gleneagles of the East), Fruit garden.

Shillong scenery;

Waterfalls: Near and around Shillong you can see waterfalls like Crinoline Falls, Gunner's fall, The Spread Eagle Falls, Sweet Falls, The Elephant Gait and the Elephant Falls, The Beadon Falls.

Peaks and lakes- include Shillong peak, the Dingei Hill, the Sohpetbneng Peak, the Dumpeep Peak, The Ward Lake and the Barapani Lake.

Shopping & education

Shopping: Shillong tourism is also splendid place for shopping. You can see a mix of present fashion and technology goods along with the traditional handicraft goods made locally. Some of the important shopping spots include Police Bazaar, Lewduh and Bara Bazaar. A variety of native agricultural products like pineapples, honey, wild mushrooms, etc can be bought at Bara Bazaar. Meghalaya Handicrafts and Khadi Gramudyog are the prominent places where you can find the specialty of the north-east, hand woven textiles like shawls, stoles, cow boy hats and wooden decoratives.

Education: Shillong is an emerging educational hub for the entire North eastern region. It houses important educational institutes like Indian Institute of Management (IIM Shillong), North Eastern Hill University (NEHU) or Shillong university, National Institute of Fashion Technology- Shillong, North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Sciences, St. Edmund's College, St. Anthony's College, Shillong, St. Edmund's educational institute and various other institutes.

Cherrapunjee tour

Cherrapunjee or cherrapunji is the place with highest rainfall in the year. Its weather is mostly cloudy with chances of rains and considered as the wettest place in India because of heavy rainfall.

The location is 55-60km away from Shillong in Meghalaya. It is just an hour drive by road. The drive can be fascinating because of the beautiful sceneries all around.The climate is mostly cloudy with chances of rain.

The spots like Thangkharang park, Mawsmai caves and waterfalls are worth watching. The Thangkharang park has a boundary to Indo-bangaldesh. Mawsmai cave is a long dark cave which gives an adventurous experience when you pass through.

If you are on tour to North-East India, don't miss visiting Shillong and Cherrapunjee :-)


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    • bheem profile image

      bheem 5 years ago

      We visited Shillong during June on account of some scientific program sponsored by the govt. So everything was free of charge.

      Vegetarian food is available there.

      Thanks for visiting the page..

    • Deepika Arun profile image

      Deepika Arun 5 years ago from Chennai, India

      Thanks for the interesting and informative hub!

      We are planning to visit Shillong this December. Is December the right time to visit Shillong and Cherrapunji? How about the weather conditions?

      What was your total expenditure for your tour? Is vegetarian food available there?

      Thanks in advance for your kind guidance!