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A Glimpse of Mexico - The Country, Its People and Its Economy

Updated on February 13, 2012

The country of Mexico is rich in history, culture, and people. It has some of the unique combination of all of these in one country. It is one of the largest countries in the world with almost 2 million kilometers. It has a unique geographical layout that consists of exceptionally high mountains that can be climbed up to 600ft. It has low lands that hold some of the unique wildlife anywhere in the world. On the north side boarders the United States, on the east side of the country, you run into the Gulf of Mexico. Than on the southern tip, Mexico borders Guatemala on the western side it boarders the pacific coast line.

Mexico is also the location of one of the top 5 most populace cities in the world. Mexico City is its capital as well as the central hub of all of Mexico. The city’s population is roughly 23 million people whit almost a quarter of it living in this historic city. The city’s population is made up of several ethnical backgrounds including

1. Indian Spanish Decent: 60 percent

2. Caucasians: 30%

3. Original India Decent 9%

4. All Others: 1%

The Mexico’s have a rich tradition in their native Indian cultures as a polytheistic religion. When the Spaniards came they converted a lot of Mexico to Catholicism which makes up the majority of the religions population now.


Mexico has a vast economy Its people are mainly employed in the services sectors with up to 60% making up this portion. The industrial areas of Mexico employ up to another 20% of the population most in textiles, manufacturing, oil and other mining activities. Another 15% work in Mexico in the agricultures sectors. The last 5% of Mexicans are unemployed.

Mexico does have a lot of remittances that come from the family that is currently in the United States. It is estimated that almost 3% of the GDP of Mexico’s economy is attributed to cash being sent from the U.S to families back home.

Mexico has recently had an enormous boost in the standard of living in the world, political arena. The World Bank has upgraded Mexico to an upper, middle class nation which has provided Mexico with much needed jobs, trade and other increases around the world. Mexico on averages trades more than 250 billion in exports to the United States every year. This trade makes the united states its biggest trading partner followed by china. Most of the exports coming from Mexico are electrical and technology related almost 40%, transportation equipment and vehicles are another 20% and 20% for oil.

The economy of Mexico will continue to grow and improve in the coming decades. The real estate, industries, and tourism will grow along with it. So if, you are thinking of moving to this country or even just visiting then you are truly in for the adventure of your lives.


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  • Billrrrr profile image

    Bill Russo 

    6 years ago from Cape Cod

    Thanks for this hub. As a visitor to Mexico, I can verify that the people are great. Right now, the drug wars are getting out of hand. I hope this situation improves. It is very damaging to the reputation of a fine country.


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