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A Great Hike Near Las Vegas

Updated on April 24, 2012

White Rock Canyon Trail, Arizona Hot Springs Hike

The White Rock Trail begins a a wayside parking area about 2.5 miles east of the Hoover Dam. Traveling on US HWY 95 look for the sign indicating the trail head.

The hike begins by traveling down from the wayside into an expansive wash under the existing highway bridge. The trail is hrrd to distinguish at this point, but working your way to the left and down the wash you will find trail placards and directional signs pointing the way.

The hike is roghly 6 miles round trip and moderately difficult. Most of the way you are walking on a soft gravel like base that offers little support. It is taxing in that it is like walking on soft beach sand giving the legs a great work out. Do not under estimate the amount of energy it takes to walk on this surface, it is decieving. The round trip for unfarmiliar hikers is about 6 hours wile experenced hikers will take a little less.

About a 1/4 mile in you will enter a canyon and continue down the wash to the Colorado river.

Prepare Yourself

While most of the hike is not too strenuious it is recomended that you come prepared.

  • Wear good hiking shoes
  • Bring enough water 1 gallon of two was not enough
  • Hiking poles are recomended
  • Extra socks
  • Water shoes for the pools
  • Lite Lunch or snacks
  • Sun block

Into the Canyon

The trail twists and turns through the canyon offering interesting evidence of erosion and life created by the movement of flash flood waters down to the Colorado river.

After Reaching The River

Once you reach the Colorado river head down stream about a quarter mile to find the hot springs. This is the most difficult part of the hike. To reach the hot springs you must climb over several bluffs with no distinguishable trail until you reach a small creek outlet in the rock wall. You will find a marker pointing the way up the creek bed. The trail will end at the ladder shown in the pictures to the right.

There are three pools, each having increasingly warm water. Pick one and relax a while.

Consult the Map

There are two trails, one is moderate and is relatively easy to follow, however the second is very difficult, not well marked and dangerous for inexperienced hikers.

Have Fun

Happy Hiking!


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