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A Guide to Haunted London and Its Hidden Horrors

Updated on December 30, 2013
Haunted London
Haunted London

Ghostly London

London may best be popular as a vibrant city but it also has a darker side. Victorian buildings, cobblestoned alleys, and graveyards, London is full of places that have many a tale to tell. Brutal and vivid history has left behind ghosts lurking in the nooks and cracks of the city. David Bailey rightly said, “If you're curious, London's an amazing place”. If you are curious to step into the haunted London, get ready to feel the presence of the sinister shadows from the other world. Ghost-hunters visiting London can book secret hotels in central London and stay close to these spookiest places.

A Haunted Fortress
A Haunted Fortress

Tower of London

A haunter tour of Tower of London will scare even the most daring ghost-hunters to death. Built in 1078, it is full of gory and scary legends. The huge White Tower is said to be haunted by the White Lady. People have seen her waving from the windows. She is said to bring a strange smell with her hauntings. Many souls executed in the Bloody Tower like Anne Boleyn and the countess of Salisbury are also said to haunt this fortress. Amongst the most sighted ghouls is Princes in the Tower murdered by their uncle Richard III. Dive into the gruesome history of this Tower and get scared stiff.

A Haunted House
A Haunted House

50 Berkeley Square

One of the popular haunted houses in London, this place is well worth a visit during your haunted tour of London. The attic room of the house is said to be haunted by a woman who committed suicide from the top floor. The spirit has been sighted in the form of white figure or brown mist. In 19th century, many unsolved deaths were also reported in the attic.

A Paranormal Cemetery
A Paranormal Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery

This cemetery last resting place of luminaries like Karl Marx boasts a stunning gothic architecture in the daytime. But as the night approaches, the cemetery seems like a horror movie come alive. Spooky crooked gravestones, cracked open vaults, and collapsed tomb stones make it one of the spookiest places for ghost hunting. A number of paranormal activities have been reported in and around the cemetery including Highgate Vampire.

A Ghostly Thaetre
A Ghostly Thaetre

Theatre Royal

It’s one of the most haunted places where ghostly guests from the other world make regular appearances. The most famous of these paranormal residents is the “Man in Grey” who was stabbed and buried in the walls of the theatre. His remains were found in 1848. Besides, the ghost of some actors are also said to reside in their workplace even in their afterlife.

A Spooky Pub
A Spooky Pub

The Grenadier

One of the world’s most haunted pubs, this place will offer a ghoulish experience the next time you order ale. The story goes like, a young soldier was caught cheating in cards, and beaten to death by his fellow soldiers. Every September, the pub experiences a range of supernatural activities. Staff and visitors have reported hearing footsteps, chairs moving, and appearance of mysterious faces in photos. This is truly one of the best London pubs for ghost-hunters.

A Haunted Tube Station
A Haunted Tube Station

Bank Station

Most of the open spaces were once cemeteries in London which means you are never far from a buried body. It is said that workmen who were constructing this underground station disturbed the spirit of black nun. The Nun’s brother, the cashier of the bank was executed for forgery. The woman is said to wandering along the platforms dressed in black to find her brother. Travellers and worker have reported strange smell and feeling of sadness and hopelessness.

Make sure to visit one of these haunted places and experience the hidden horrors of London. Who knows you might get a new creepy tale to tell.


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