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A Guide to Jakarta City

Updated on October 12, 2015

Jakarta one of the leading destination in the archipelago and being a first time visitor, it is always a wise decision to do some research over the internet to sort your accommodation, areas where you might want to stay or the means to get there and how suitable a particular location would be.

This is a primary task to perform, that we already know, before arriving at any new destination. Otherwise, your arrival in the city might become a chaos, considering the heavy traffic and distances one has to overcome in their daily life in Jakarta city.

Taking about the budget hotels in Jakarta, one has plenty of options to choose from, BnB's, guest house and serviced apartments have gained popularity as in any other tourist destination across the world.

Certainly, these budget rentals are available in all parts of the city, nonetheless, there are certain areas which serve you with the ease to relish the delights of the metropolis.

So let us take a quick look on what are the areas that you should look for an accommodation for your stay in Jakarta.

Once you’ve arrived
Jakarta has two airports, Seokarno-Hatta International Airport, also known as the CGK Airport and the second airport is Halim-Perdanakusuma Airport, however, you will arrive at the CGK Airport. From the airport there are means to reach your destination, Blue Bird Cabs and Mini-Buses are available at the arrivals terminal. There are taxi stands on each of the terminals, from where you can find a Blue Bird Cab. It is advisable to take a Blue Bird Cabs, as the drivers and cars are verified and they charge you according to the tariff plan. Other agents might approach you for a cab, turn them down, as they will take the longest route possible and will tell you that the other route has diversions or are jam-packed.

You will also find Mini-Buses from the airport terminals, they are also a reliable option for those who are travelling in a group or with their family.

Jakarta City

A markerJakarta city -
Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia
get directions

Popular Areas in Jakarta

Depending on the purpose of your visit, be it shopping, leisure or business, there are locations that will solve the purpose of your visit. Let us take a detailed look at all the leading areas where you can find budget rentals with all modern day customary amenities.

A leading landmark in Thamrin



Thamrin is one of the most popular areas in the city, among the locals as well as the tourists. This area also serves as the hub of consulates or embassies of various countries. To name a few, Embassies of Great Britain, France, Japan, Germany and Mexico are located here. Thamrin is also popular for its 24-hours open restaurants and cafes. Malls and departmental stores also attract tourists visiting Jakarta.

The area is also famous for its bars and pubs, EX plaza, Fashion Bar and Hard Rock Cafe are the leading bars in the area where the locals love to let their hair down after a busy day.

Thamrin is also famous for its budget accommodations for short stays. You can find budget hotels in Thamrin City here. Short rental stays are available in luxurious apartments as multi-use structures, with shopping outlets and other conveniences available in the same complex.

Sudirman Central Business District



Sudirman has its comparison with the Wallstreet, the area is the epicentre of all business activities in Indonesia. Highly popular among business tourists, the location has international banks, foreign companies and embassies. World Trade Centre, a leading venue for trade shows, business services, and exhibit services is also located here.

If you are looking for high-end serviced apartments, with 24-hour butler service and other luxuries, then you may look for luxurious penthouses available here for short stays. Other than serviced apartments, there are budget hotels near grand Indonesia mall where you can find all the amenities on a pocket-friendly cost.

Sudirman area also has the feature of being one of the easily accessible locations in Jakarta. National Monument, a historical icon in Indonesia is a leisurely walk away in the early hours of the morning. Leading Five Star Hotels and Malls, add a flavour of opulence to the location, with broad lined roads and high-rise buildings.

Taman Menteng



Situated in Central Jakarta, Menteng is a neighbourhood for the crème de la crème of Jakarta. The area is well connected to Central Business District and Sudirman. This is the same area where President Obama is said to have spent his childhood days. Nonetheless, Menteng has maintained its charm with its beautiful parks, comfy cafes and restaurants.

Thamrin, is also the next-door neighbour of Menteng, where you can find, malls, shopping outlets and other avenues to enjoy the cultural, local and culinary delights of Jakarta. You can also look up short stay rentals in this location, if you want to experience the elite lifestyle of Jakarta.

Kuningan City Skyline at Night



Regarded as one of the fastest growing neighbourhoods, Kuningan is also a part of the Golden Triangle. A triangular establishment of business and commercial districts (Sudirman, Thamrin and Kuningan) located in Setiabudi Subdistrict is known as the Golden Triangle.

Kuningan serves as the home to oil companies, banks, tour operators, law agencies and much more. Being a commercial district, one can see mushrooming of cafes, restaurants, pizzerias and bars all around the area.

Kuningan is famous for its live jazz music performances on Friday nights, you can also lounge at the food court of Pasar Festival. One of the popular club ‘Klub Rasuna’ at the Rasuna Apartment Building is famous among the elite locals. Also, a popular restaurant, Planet Hollywood, known for serving Sylvester Stallone’s mom’s recipe for dinner is located on Jalan Gatot Subroto.


Located in South Jakarta, this area shares the aura with that of Kuta Street of Bali, nonetheless, the location is famous for its unique art galleries and exquisite homes. This area can be regarded as the guardian of Indonesian art and culture, blended with the daily life of the locals living here.

Kemang is also known as the hub of trendy nightspots, with international and traditional cuisines to relish here. The location is also known for Kemchicks Supermarket where you will find all the imported food products from all parts of the world.

The area is well known among the expats living in Jakarta, to learn from each other and share their experiences. There are associations of the citizens of the United States, Australia and New Zealand. You can also join the Jakarta International Community Centre, based here, to learn more about lifestyle in Jakarta and to make new friends from a diversified background.

Per Day Tariff

A serviced apartment with customary features and a kitchenette would cost you around 5.00.000 IDR as compared to hotels near Grand Indonesia where you will only find a double bed room only with customary amenities like, Television, a mini refrigerator and Wifi.

For those on a visit for more than 15-days or more, it is a great idea to rent a serviced apartment, as most of them are located in apartments which offer the style and convenience of modern day living.


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