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A Kiwi In Canada

Updated on October 2, 2014

Ummmm... Kia Ora?

Some Background...

Originally from the North of England, from Irish and Scottish Ancestry, I am lucky enough to have lived in beautiful New Zealand (Aotearoa) for many years, which has become the home of my soul.

I currently reside in Canada, which has fast become an integral part of my spirit.

The thing that I was not ready for, when moving to Canada, was just how LITTLE I know of this Great Land, and how different it can be for a person who has basically lived on Islands their whole life!

So, join me, on this humorous look at my own inadequacies as I learn more and experience much!

Wish Me Luck!

Where We Live IN Ottawa

Kayak vs Canoe

Id'Jit Lesson # 1...

(who knew???)

It's ONE thing to paddle about in a kayak on the Waikato River, or even (if you're REALLY brave!) in Raglan Harbour, right?
It's Entirely ANOTHER thing to be dropped into the Canadian Wilderness by plane, landing in the water, given a canoe, and told...'See Ya Later!'

NOT the best time to realise the absolute different techniques and skill requirements needed!!!!
Nowhere to go but paddle
Nothing to do but what you're told
No-one to call if you need help!!

Lucky for Me I wasn't alone at all
Unlucky for Sunny he drew the short straw!

Yup! A Canoe ain't a Kayak that's for sure!
Fun? Absolutely!
Difficult? Sure!
Go Again? Without A Doubt!

(told ya I was an Id'jit! )

The 'Bear Den!'

The Great Bear Den Stalk!....

Kiwi In Canada Id'Jit Lesson # 2...

Imagine my excitement when I noticed that the hole in the front of my neighbours garden was breathing!

Imagine my delight when Sunny told me it was probably Badgers or Bears ...Hibernating....RIGHT NEXT DOOR!!!!

So...Intrepid Naive Novice that I am...what did I do?
Why, ask Sunny what would be the best way to find out for sure (of course!)
so.....he suggested going around the back of the 'den' and 'gently' removing the snow away to see if I could discover a paw...or fur...or something....
(He SPECIFICALLY said..."don't go near the hole as that is where their head (and teeth) are!").
Therefore, off I went this morning (at minus 30 degrees) to find out for myself just what we had living next door!
Some Other Wild and Wonderful Creature of the North?????
What other wild creatures hibernate? (I hear you ask!)
Well; I'm not sure...I'm pretty sure chipmunks do....
So, Chipmunks, then?
Chipmunks would have been a bonus compared to the cold hard reality of a bloody storm drain!!!!!!!
You Heard Right!
Our exciting wilderness neighbour that I was so excited to meet, is a storm drain!
(nice ta' meet'ya Mr Drain! )

so, the motto of this story is?.....
(No Matter How Much You WANT Them To Be!)
...Never trust a Canadian when the truth would get in the way of a good story!!!

Until Next Time...



Bear Tagging (The Real Deal

Bear Tagging

Here is some Real Bears
Being tagged for science
By some Real Canadians
Who Clearly
Know What They Are Doing!

All Ladybugs Are NOT Equal!!!

Kiwi In Canada Id'jit Lesson #3468...

Cute Canadian Ladybugs are NOT The Same As THIS GUY!!!!!

THIS GUY is it's Evil Twin!
They are Swarming around the Bunkhouse (outside)...sneaking in if they can...
and They BITE!

I have had to come inside to get away from the swarms

Apparently they were introduced to fight other bugs and have gone ballistic in this region (where we live!)
Because Introducing Species To Eliminate Another Has Always Worked In The Past, Right?
Just Ask ANY Kiwi About The Success Of Gorse and Rabbits to New Zealand! (to name only two)
(Nice One Canada!
Like there's not enough things over here that bite already????)

So Now I'm Housebound until the swarms either get eaten by the myriad of other (wonderful) creatures that eat them (but apparently they have no predators due to their disgusting smell and flavour!)
, or they bugger off elsewhere (or die..I'm fine with that too )

To add to the horror, they seem immune to Raid flyspray and if you crush them they leave an orange stain and smell like rancid peanut butter!
(Awesome! )

Asian Ladybeetle


Should Kiwis Actually Venture Outside In Canada?

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    • Stacey Austin profile image

      Stacey Austin 3 years ago from Hamilton, Ne Zealand

      Now THAT Is A Whole OTHER Blog Karyn!


    • profile image

      Karyn Janelle Davis 3 years ago

      What about the WAKA!

    • Stacey Austin profile image

      Stacey Austin 3 years ago from Hamilton, Ne Zealand

      watch this space guys...

      more Id;jit moments to follow...inevitably!


      Happy Travels!

    • profile image

      Shirley Knapp 3 years ago

      What an amazing Id'jit You are, Stacey LOL I will follow Your Happy Trails with glee and eventually if I ever work out how to set one of these Blog thingys up I will let You know. Cheers & huge Hugs from another Kiwi Id'jit Abroad

    • Stacey Austin profile image

      Stacey Austin 3 years ago from Hamilton, Ne Zealand

      Nothing as yet!

      My search continues :)

      (and thank you for the vote! :D )

    • Suhail and my dog profile image

      Suhail Zubaid aka Clark Kent 3 years ago from Mississauga, ON

      Yes I did Stacey and that is the only vote todate.

      Btw, did you find anything comparable to Haka dance of the All Blacks?

    • Stacey Austin profile image

      Stacey Austin 3 years ago from Hamilton, Ne Zealand

      Thank You Suhail (and your dog :) )

      Then I Shall!

      (Did You Vote?)

    • Suhail and my dog profile image

      Suhail Zubaid aka Clark Kent 3 years ago from Mississauga, ON

      In Fjordland National Park, Kiwis have the most beautiful national park of the world.

      Awesome hub! Funny too! You should definitely venture out.