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A Memorable Adventure Quest in Montagu

Updated on November 16, 2015

Route 62 Vineyard


On the Western Cape Province of Africa, particularly at Route 62 in the middle of Cape Town and the Garden Route of South Africa lies a beautiful adventure site known as the city of Montagu. Many tourists who visit the area can attest to its natural wonders and scenic views. Montagu is the seat of remarkable hot springs and home to hospitable residents. It is also a notable access point to the mysterious region of Karoo.

Montagu seems to have replaced the terrible past of South Africa with splendor and charm. The place features colorful orchards, vine yards, and herb farms, which are blooming with health and beauty. You would not even realize that the place has been a victim of slavery so many years ago. At present, its tourism industry is continuously thriving not to mention the number of restaurants and hotels it now homes.

Road to Montagu


Passing through Cogmanskloof Nuy River Gorge Kloofing


Feeding a hungry tummy after trekking the Montagu Mountains


Entrance to Montagu's Guano Cave


Kicking off the Much Anticipated Adventure

The Rocky Mountains that surround Montagu makes the place a perfect spot for avid mountaineers. Visitors can choose numerous nature and mountain climbing trails of varying difficulties. The popular trails that are oftentimes visited by tourists are the Bloupunt, Cogmanskloof Nuy River Gorge Kloofing and Gecko Trail. The Bloupunt peak features mountain hikes and scenic walks for both experts and beginners to try. From the top of this mountain, you can see a wonderful aerial view of the city including its luscious landscape. You may also opt to ride a tractor towards the summits.

Montagu is also the seat of Guano Caves, where the famous Indiana Jones movie was then taped. From the area, you may proceed to the Game Reserves where you can see a lot of safari animals. After conquering the mainland, you can go for a short cruise at the beautiful Breed River.

The bronze-like color of Guano Cave's interior


Rock-climbing checlist

Quickdraws and ropes
Gear sling
Climbing daypack
Belay biner and device
Locking biners
Webbing and sewn slings
Rock shoes
Harness and helmets
Chalk bag
Cams and nuts
Self-rescue equipment
A markermontagu -
Montagu, South Africa
get directions

One of the old houses along Long Street


Joubert House


Cultural Tour

Monatagu also exhibits a wonder culture and tradition, which you can vividly see through its museums and cultural centers. Long Street is one of the best places in town where you can find old houses, museums, and national monuments. Joubert House is one of the most notable old representations of the old village, which features a 19th-century old Cape-Dutch architecture.

Wine tasting is also popular in Montagu. In fact, one of the best ways to feel the place’s culture and tradition is to try its wines. The village homes more than 45 cellars of locally made wines and you are absolutely free to choose which one you want to visit. If you want a smooth itinerary, you can book with Route 62 Wine Tours.

Montagu Church at Long Street's intersection


Don't forget to check your list before leaving home for travel

Travel guide
Cellphone/Laptop/Charger (other necessary gadgets)
Pocket money
flashlights/emergency lights
toiletries (toothbrush, soap, etc)
necessary footwear

Refreshing view of Avalon hot spring


Hot Spring Relaxation

The famous hot springs of Montagu are situated at the edge of Cogman's Kloof area. Aside from their refreshing ambience and iconic views, their waters are said to have healing activities. When you are tired from work or tour, you can just take a dip in one of the hot springs and you can feel your body rejuvenating.

Watch this video to have a sneak-peek of Avalon Hot Spring as featured in Travel Channel


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      Mary Cimeni 4 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks ssrddn! I'm glad you liked it.

    • srsddn profile image

      srsddn 4 years ago from Dehra Dun, India

      marycimeni, Montagu looks like a beautiful place with number of spots, in and around, for visitors. The video might be attracting a lot of tourists. Thanks for sharing such a lovely place. Beautiful.