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Travel Tip to a Mystic and Spiritual Place in England

Updated on December 25, 2017
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As a German-English screenwriter, filmmaker/director, photographer and illustrator I simply love everything creative and fanciful.


It began in the internet

Today I have to tell you a really strange but true story. To me it showed me that everything has a reason. Whatever it may be, all things happening to us are somehow constructed and follow an invisible plan. God´s hand? The Universe? Do not know, but the Holy Spirit seems to have it´s hands in this thing. And it still feels to me that the story will be continued. Read first what at all I am talking about.

Berlin is where I lived at that time. I worked as a writer and photographer and promoted my work via social networking where I found a photo by a hobby-photographer from England. A great black & white landscape shot of an old church and a tree and there were gravestones in the front .... - really like taken out of a good old movie by Alfred Hitchcock. Spooky and full of tension, a great mood and a photo that inspired my fantasy. Great thing, because then a photo tells a story. A real WOW was running over my skin. I left a comment to ask where this place was.The answer: England, Milton Keynes. Ever heard of? I did not, but of course I know it now and it looks as if a mystic power like God had the plan to show it to me to make me write about it. You never know.

How can a place follow you?

My fascination by this location which was shown on this photo was strange. It touched me somehow. Esoteric people told me that such things were a sign for that I had lived there in a former life. Can that be true? Well, we never know these things for sure. On this picture the place looked like a good old village with a huge history of Lords and ghosts and maybe it was related to King Arthur, I became more and more curious about it so I checked it out in the internet. Found out that it had nothing to do with King Arthur, Guinevere or Lancelot at all. No, Milton Keynes is a union of many little villages in the middle of nowhere, somewhere South West of London. Strange. Unsatisfying. And disappointing. The rest photos just showed plenty of landscape like everywhere on countryside so I gave up quickly and left it to be.

But: Milton Keynes came back. It followed me. OMG! That still feels a bit spooky while I am writing about it. Looking for new bookings as a photographer lead me to a site where a photographer was needed in: Milton Keynes. Oops! I checked it out, but the job was not meant for me. Breath deep, cool down. No magic for the moment. Milton Keynes & me? No. At least not now.

Not this time. Nevertheless Milton Keynes appeared a little stubborn to me. Somehow like me. The next time I was looking for something to buy online on eBay. Could not find it. Something alike was offered by someone from: Milton Keynes. Unfortunately the transport costs made the article too expensive.

The next day: a new follower on twitter from... yes, Milton Keynes. A link, an alert by a friend to watch a colleague´s work - who is located where? Yep, right there: Milton Keynes. I swear, this is a true story.

Now I decided to write some articles for Milton Keynes, to give something of this positive energy back. The mystic circle seems to be closed by this. (but you never know, maybe it is not). Here is what I found out: In Milton Keynes and around are more gardens and parks to visit, garden-architects, landscape-designers and garden-centers within a circle of a few miles or kilometers than I have ever seen before.

They celebrate a yearly garden-festival and have something that fits perfectly to my story: a mystic and spiritual wood of wonderful old trees that seen from above build a cathedral and very old settlements around as people have settled here since the Bronze Age.

Some Facts of Milton Keynes

  • Milton Keynes is a city in Buckinghamshire, England and locally often called 'MK'.
  • The city was founded in the 1960s to create a 'New City' outside but not too far from London.
  • Population: about 230,000 (in 2011)
  • The area around Milton Keynes has been under archaeological investigation because the area was known for permanent settlement since the Bronze Age.
  • MK is mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest Shopping Mall in Europe (about 720 m).
  • The city was laid out in a gridiron pattern.
  • One of its attractions is Europe's biggest Skiing hall with real snow.

A Mystic Place is this Milton Keynes in England


Worth A Stop

This Tree-Cathedral alone is definitely worth a short-trip to Milton Keynes. Look at the wood in the background where the Tree Cathedral seems to be cut out. I am sure all of you garden and flower friends will have a wonderful time there. Do not forget to visit the villages around. Maybe you will find some signs of the Bronze Age.

Like a cut-out from the wood behind


The Open University

Milton Keynes is the place where the Open University is located. (Please find the Link here: because for some reason my computer cannot set links here on hubpages).

The Open University is to take literally as it is open for everybody who wants to study and this in Distance Learning Courses. The list of subjects they offer is long and interesting.

The City of Milton Keynes at Night


© 2014 Elisabeth Meier


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    • LiliMarlene profile image

      Elisabeth Meier 24 months ago

      Well, I would like to add that the intro to this hub really happened. It's all true. Funny is that I actually have never been to Milton Keynes not even after I wrote the article. But I was completely fascinated by these tree cathedrals and by the fact that they have so many Garden Shows during summer time. Have you ever been there?