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A Quick Review of Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas and Price of the Emperor Suite

Updated on March 16, 2011

Caesars Palace is more than just the hotel from The Hangover

The majority of Americans only know of Caesars Palace because they saw it in The Hangover. Four friends stayed at a $4,000 a night villa at the famous hotel and proceeded to trash the place while under the influence of roofies and other intoxicants. In real life, you probably won't be renting a villa at Caesars Palace, although you could if you had that kind of money to waste. For the average Las Vegas visitor, Caesars Palace offers some very nice rooms at prices that are much more reasonable.

Caesars is located in the middle of the Strip, right next to The Bellagio, which is famous for those fountains you see at the beginning of The Hangover and also the end of Ocean's 11. Not all rooms have a view of these fountains, so consider that when booking.  

Rooms, rates, and entertainment

On a regular weekday the basic room at Caesars Palace will cost you about $140 a night. There is no resort fee at Caesars, which you should consider when comparing rates because most hotels on the Las Vegas Strip will charge you a $10 to $15 a night resort fee. For a weekend or a "special night" such as New Year's Eve expect to pay $50 to $150 more per room.

The top room you can book at Caesars Palace is the Forum Tower Emperors Suite. This suite costs over $4000 a night on a regular weekday, and much more for a special day or weekend. You might think that's outrageous, but apparently others do not. The Emperors Suite is already sold out for 13 days next month, most of them weekends. If you want to do something special in Las Vegas, you have to plan ahead and reserve in advance. 

Caesars Palace typically has some of the best shows in Las Vegas. They don't just hire some third-rate comedian to live at the hotel and do two shows a night -- they get A-listers. They even get A-listers who claim to be D-listers, like Kathy Griffin. Leonard Cohen, Celine Dion, Rod Stewart, Cher, and Jerry Seinfeld have all played shows at Caesars recently or have upcoming dates scheduled there. Book your tickets ahead of time, they will sell out.

If you're not interested in the shows, Caesars also has a pool and a spa, and also some of the best shopping in Las Vegas at the Forum Shoppes at Caesars.  


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