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A Review of DFW Airport Shuttles

Updated on April 12, 2011

If you are visiting the Dallas/Fort Worth area and flying into DFW International Airport, you will benefit from a little inside information about available transportation to your hotel or other destination.  The DFW area is so huge and spread out that it takes some planning to get anywhere.

 DFW Airport itself covers about 27 square miles, and it is equi-distant from both downtown Dallas and downtown Fort Worth – about 18 miles to either city’s center.  Unless a hotel is located very close to DFW Airport, you will not be offered complimentary shuttle services to and from the airport.  Therefore your best, most efficient choices are a taxi, limousine service, or an airport shuttle.

Why Take An Airport Shuttle?

DFW shuttle services are generally much cheaper than taking a taxi.  The advertised price for a shuttle is a flat rate, based on zip code.  A taxi service will often charge higher fares, and will vary its rates based on the time of day.

Booking on the Cheap - A Shared Ride!

The shuttles profiled below all have shared transportation rates.  That is, you will book a shared ride in a van with several other travelers who are headed in the same direction.  This keeps the cost down, and the fare for each additional passenger in your party is fairly inexpensive – usually less than half the first fare.

If You're Not A Prima Donna, Don't Expect This

Even though shuttle services appreciate your booking a reservation in advance for your arrival time at DFW Airport, do not expect that you will walk out to the curb after claiming your baggage and be instantly whisked away to your hotel.  It is against airport security regulations for vehicles to stay parked curbside for very long.  That is why shuttle services keep their vans in holding lots and dispatch them, as needed, to the various terminals.

Also, with shared transportation, it will take quite a bit longer to get to your destination.  In order to fill up the van, the driver may circle by more than one airport terminal to pick up passengers.

If time is of the essence, and you’re travelling on business with a small group, consider reserving a private sedan or exclusive van service through these companies.  The cost is a lot higher than a shared van, but you won’t have to wait, and you can split the fare with your friends.

What To Do Upon Arrival at DFW Airport

In the baggage claim area, there is a wall of phones.  The shuttle companies have direct lines and all you have to do is locate the company name and press their button.  You can talk to an agent, give him your reservation information, and he will direct you where to wait.  If you are booked on a shared ride at DFW Airport, you will stand curbside near an orange sign reading “Shared Ride.”  There will also be a transportation agent stationed on the sidewalk to help coordinate van service.

Super Shuttle

In business since 1983, their familiar blue and yellow vans service many airports nationwide. They are one of the very best services for transportation to and from your residence, and they specialize in that, but they will take you to any business or hotel within their service area. Super Shuttle’s online service doesn’t do a good job of prompting you for hotel names, and they don’t make regular runs to hotels, so you need to know the exact name and address of your hotel.

Super Shuttle offers both telephone and online reservations. On the phone, you can book your van, and pay when you are picked up, but with an online reservation, you must pre-pay with a credit card. If you need to cancel your reservation, you will receive a full refund as long as you give at least four hours’ notice before the scheduled pickup.

Although Super Shuttle can nearly always provide a van, I have had one experience when my flight got in very late, and there were no vans available at that hour. Otherwise, my travel experiences with Super Shuttle over many years (in Dallas/Fort Worth exclusively) have been very satisfactory.

Super Shuttle gives you a small discount for booking a round-trip fare. Because they partner with several travel providers (such as Orbitz), you may receive an additional shuttle discount if you reserve it at the same time you book a flight.

Super Shuttle offers shared ride vans, exclusive vans (up to 7 passengers), large exclusive vans (up to 10 passengers), ExecuCar Sedans, and an ExecuCar SUV option. Phone: (800) 258-3826

GO Yellow Checker Shuttle

From DFW Airport, Yellow Checker shuttles make regular runs to the hotels in both downtown Dallas and downtown Fort Worth. The vans servicing Fort Worth operate under the name Airporter. Those going to Dallas are GO Yellow Checker. You can catch one of their hotel shuttles every 20-30 minutes, and no reservation is required. For hotel runs, the last van leaves at 10:30 PM. However, if you have booked your reservation online, you are entitled to 24-hour service.

They will also take you to any location within their service area; however, they will appreciate a reservation for residential service or for those with special needs. Book your return trip from your hotel with an advance reservation. If you booked a round-trip fare at the outset, you will receive a discount.

The earliest you can book a Yellow Checker van to go out to DFW Airport is 4:00 AM, and the latest you can book one is 10:00 PM.

Their online reservation system is easy to use, and conveniently provides a drop-down box for you to choose from among the many hotels located in Dallas/Fort Worth. Phone: (866) 903-1900

Yellow Checker Shuttle can also provide you with 10-passenger private van service, limousine rental, or full-sized buses.  Call for prices.

City Shuttle

City Shuttle prices their rates to DFW Airport a little more competitively than some of the other services. For a trip to the airport from a suburb in Dallas/Fort Worth, they are cheaper than Super Shuttle. The difference is that the rate for the second passenger in your party is priced at the same full rate. Your best reason for booking City Shuttle would be if you are riding as a single passenger.

Their rates to downtown Fort Worth or Dallas are competitive. You can book your reservation online.

If leaving the airport, you will find City Shuttle around the area, and you can book a ride just like with the other services. The pickup point at DFW Airport is also at the orange “shared ride” signs curbside.

City Shuttle can also reserve buses, town cars, or large vans. Phone: (888) 760-1998

Thanks for reading. I am a Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) and a DFW Airport Ambassador.  -- gracenotes


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