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A Review of the Imperial Palace Hotel Rooms in Las Vegas

Updated on May 10, 2011

Older hotel with an Asian theme

The Imperial Palace on the Las Vegas Strip was originally called Flamingo Capri and was built in 1979, which is ancient by Las Vegas Standards. It is located in the middle of the strip in a very convenient location for walking around and seeing the other hotels and casinos. If you don't feel like walking on a hot summer day in the middle of the desert you can also catch a ride on the Deuce Bus that goes up and down the strip. A 24-hour pass is $7.  

About 5 years ago there were a lot of rumors that Imperial Palace was going to be shut down and torn down to make room for newer expansions on the strip. It now appears that Imperial Palace is here to stay for a while, as millions have been spent to renovate it in recent years.  

Rooms, rates, and entertainment

Imperial Palace has among the lowest priced rooms of any hotel in the middle of the strip. You can get a basic room on a weekday for as low as $30 per night. That's an incredible deal compared to the $150+ you'll pay at just about any other neighboring hotel. The rooms at Imperial Palace are considerably smaller and less luxurious, but if you're not there to sit around and watch TV in your hotel room all day, these cheap rooms are perfect. If you spend a little extra for a Deluxe Luv Tub room you can even get high speed wireless internet service for a nominal fee. Compare that to the Luxor, which I feel has worse rooms at a higher price and at a far worse location on the strip, and they don't even have wifi internet available at any price! 

Imperial Palace isn't big on shows, but you can go to a show at any other hotel and casino in Las Vegas. What Imperial Palace does have is the nicest classic car collection in the world. The Auto Collections at Imperial Palace has over $100 million worth of cars in the collection, with 250 cars on display at any given time. They are always swapping out inventory, because nearly all of the cars are for sale! That means you can go every year and see cars you've never seen before each time. For a car guy like me, this was one of the best attractions in Las Vegas, and far cheaper than going to see The Blue Man Group bang on some plastic tubes and throw toilet paper on the audience (actually, not a terrible experience, but very expensive).  


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