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A Review of the Palazzo Hotel Suite Bedroom in Las Vegas

Updated on March 21, 2011

Las Vegas Opulence

The Palazzo is the sister property of the Venetian Hotel and Resort. They have separate casino floors and check-in desks, but they are connected on the inside and they have similar rooms, although the Palazzo is newer and therefore better (alright, that's a generalization, but it's generally true in Las Vegas).

The Palazzo is located near the top of the busy part of the Strip and it's right across the street from Treasure Island. On the same side of the strip but further north is the Wynn and Encore hotels, which are both comparable in terms of luxury. It's a bit of a pain to get from Palazzo to casinos located lower on the Strip. The walk from Palazzo to Luxor is about 45 minutes. For a little more comfort, take a Las Vegas Cab or a Deuce Bus.

What comes with a suite at Palazzo?

I'm fairly certain that 95% of the rooms at Palazzo are exactly the same except for the view. The Palazzo only has suites, so no worries about getting stuck in some little room that could be confused for a janitor's closet. The standard Luxury suite has a king bed, 2 big screen TVs and an extra TV in the bathroom. The Bella suite is the same except with 2 queen beds. They run about $200 for a weekday night. WiFi will cost another $10 a day extra, which stinks considering this is a new luxury hotel.

For extra, you can get a prestige suite, which is the same room as a luxury suite but it comes with a lot of extras, most importantly 24 hour concierge service. This is great if you're looking to be pampered in Las Vegas. The prestige package includes champagne check-in, a cocktail reception, access to the giant Prestige Lounge, access to the business center, and many other extras.

The top room at the Palazzo is the Lago 2 bedroom suite. It's got nearly 2000 square feet of space and includes 2 bathrooms with marble floors. This is the package you want if you're staying in Vegas with a few friends. You'll probably need to split it with a few friends to be able to afford it.

The Palazzo does not have a conference area of its own or a theater, but it does share those services with the Venetian, where you can go to see The Blue Man Group, Jersey Boys, Phantom, or one of the number of A-list acts they book on a regular basis.


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