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A Review of the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas - Get a Room with a Fountain View

Updated on March 14, 2011

One of the best deals in Las Vegas

The Planet Hollywood hotel and resort in Las Vegas stands at a property that has a long history on the Las Vegas Strip. It started out as the Tally Ho Hotel in 1963, the became the King's Crown Hotel in 1964 before changing to the Aladdin in 1966. It remained as the Aladdin under various ownership groups until 2003. Wayne Newton once owned a significant portion of this hotel back in the 1980's. He eventually sued, claiming a mafia influence had control of the property and had cost him money. 

Today, the Planet Hollywood hotel remains in a state of flux. The name is quite likely to change within the next few years, as the hotel is under new ownership. Harrah's is the current owner of most of the hotel, and players at the casino now use the Total Rewards card for credits and comps. That means you can use the same card that you use at the Rio, Flamingo, Caesars, Paris, and many others.

Hotel rooms and entertainment at Planet Hollywood

Because of its located on the Las Vegas Strip, the Planet Hollywood Hotel has plenty of great views. If you're room is up high enough and has a Strip view, you'll be able to see the fountains at the Bellagio across the street. I've included a video of what this looks like at the bottom of this page. There are plenty of rooms at PH that offer great views of the fountains and can be had for a reasonable nightly rate.

The basic room is called the Hollywood Hip and it's small but not bad. It's clean and the decor is quite nice. These rooms all "look new", which is important in Las Vegas. The base rate is $69 a night but can be $99 or more for a room with a strip view.

For a room with two queen beds and a view of the mountains that surround Las Vegas, you can get the Mountain Luxury Room. That will set you back about $99 a night. They are about 100 square feet bigger than the Hollywood Hip rooms.

Planet Hollywood has designated certain rooms with great views of the fountains "Premium Fountain View" rooms so they can make a little more money off them. They'll cost about $120 a night. If you don't care about the views so much for the same price you can get a Resort room, which has a lot more room and a bigger and better bathroom.

Other room options include the Resort Vista Junior Suite, which are bigger and more luxurious for under $200 a night, a Strip Suite which offers a larger sitting area for about $270 a night, or you can get a room in PH Towers, which is a separate building on the property. The studios can be had for under $200 while the suites range from $200 to $400+ for the 2 bedroom suite on a high floor with good views. That's not a bad deal for Las Vegas. Keep your eyes open for promotions, which you can often find right on the reservation website.

For entertainment you've got Peepshow, which is obviously not for children, and several lounges and bars to choose from, none of which seemed very special to me. If you like shopping they do have the Miracle Mile Shops, which I thought was one of the more affordable malls in Las Vegas.

If you visit Las Vegas often, PH Towers does have timeshare rooms and suites, which is something you should look into if you want to stay on the Strip but don't want to drop a grand or more just for the hotel stay each time you visit.


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  • BudgetHotelRates profile image

    BudgetHotelRates 7 years ago from Dallas ,Texas

    The Planet Hollywood In Vegas has more entertainment than one can keep up with and with the PH Towers as the new addition that does not charge resort fees, they are gaining a lot of popularity at the moment. Last time I stayed there I stayed in the Panorama Suite, but I think I want to stay in the Apex suite next . Its on like a 3 month waiting list, but well worth the time.