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A Scary Place

Updated on April 21, 2013

Very scary

In the midst of the Boston Marathon bombings, this country has gotten really scary and is no better than the Middleast. Actually, there is evidence that with the guns in this country, it is more violent than any other country. It is frightening to even walk down the streets anymore. People constantly shooting and fighting. What has this country come to? I hope things improve or else. Besides, the Senate did not pass the gun law and 'mentally ill' people can have guns. Do people want to just shoot any ole person who makes them mad? It is sad that we as US citizens are going to be living in fear for our lives.

It is great however that they caught the bombers within 5 days and thanks to the guy who saw the 19-year-old in the boat, they caught him alive! Two men also were arrested for being involved with these crazy anti-Americans. It would be great if they could catch any other terrorists, but the fact is we cannot catch everyone.


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