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A Short Walk In Northamptonshire, Fawsley Church

Updated on August 11, 2017

Fawsley Church

Right out in the countryside this amazing little church has 800 years of history to share with you.

Nestled in the beautiful landscape of Fawsley hall it is an idyllic place to visit. For either a quiet rest after a longer walk, a history fact finding session or indeed a meaningful prayer.

Approaching Fawsley Church
Approaching Fawsley Church

Getting There

This really is the countryside!. Do not expect buses to pass by or even to find laid out car parks.

The approach roads are narrow and expect to have to pull over for some one else to pass.

Unless you are lucky enough to be visiting Fawsley Hall spa You will have to find parking either by the lakes or on the side of the road. We found a patch of concrete just a little further down the road.

Please do not park over gateways, and make sure not to sink in the mud!


History Of St, Mary's

The actual church building dates from around 1209. But there may have been a building here earlier.

The first recorded vicar was was John de Fawesle

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The roof had to be saved after Death Watch beetle attack. It dates from the 15th century and is a wonderful sight.

The windows above the arches are from the seventeenth century

The Knightley Family Pew

Behind these doors is where the family from the big hall would sit. Separated and safe away from the hoi polloi.

Being at the side of the church restricted their view of the alter. But here is a picture of the "squint", through which they could watch over proceedings.

While being surrounded by family monuments, and light drifting in through stained glass windows

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What is a haha?

Fawsley church has a haha around it. It is a way of fencing out animals without interrupting the view.

Animals cannot gain access to the property, but no wall or fence spoils the vistaAs you can see from the picture below this works very well.

It became popular around manor house gardens.

It is also used to keep animals and even people in as explained in the link .

Fawsley Hall Grounds

The Church and hall are all that remain of Fawsley. by the fifteenth century all the tenants on the site had been evicted and their homes gone.

In the 1760's Capability Brown was commissioned By Lucy Knightly to lay out the grounds.

There are many public footpaths across the land and round the lakes.

This is real sheep country so keep those dogs on a lead and wear appropriate footwear!

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A Living Church

This little church is still used and for services and times can be found on the site below. It is also mentioned in the Fawsley Park Diary by Bill James along with other tidbits on the area.


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