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A Snow Covered Beach in Ocean City, Maryland

Updated on April 13, 2012

Snow Covered Boardwalk - An Odd Sight

Ocean City Maryland 2011 - Snow Covered
Ocean City Maryland 2011 - Snow Covered
Hmm...not sure about this?
Hmm...not sure about this? that a flower...shouldn't be here? that a flower...shouldn't be here?

My Pups Did Not Know What to Make Out of This Cold White Stuff

Our three canine kids, Angie, Millie and Sophie had never had the 'snow' experience. It was very interesting and amusing to watch each of their responses once they were out and left to explore. Millie mostly just looked around at it with complete and totally puzzled look on her face. Yes, dogs do have expressions that clearly identify their emotions just as humans do. Based on this premise, I decided to play a little joke on Angie, my lab, by taking a fake flower and planting it firmly and prominently in the snow. You can see her puzzled look and also apprehension as she tries to get close enough to smell it. She then decided that she was sure it should not be sticking out of the mound of cold white stuff, and it didn't have a 'sweet' smell, so she could then disregard it as unworthy of any further attention. Sophie, who may be the smallest of the three in size, makes up for it with her alpha dog personality. She ran around, explored for a few minutes, gave it no further thought and just enjoyed it. Angie and Millie then took their clue from her and all three had a delightful time while entertaining their human mom with their snow antics, until we were all cold and went back inside to warm up by the glowing fireplace.

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