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A Sort Of Bio- Cancun Life

Updated on February 21, 2016

Cancun Is Home

At 25 I decided I needed a change in my life, to discover myself, I needed adventure! So while on a mini-vacation in Cancun (for the third time) I decided to move to this beautiful city. So I flew home, settled my affairs and moved back to Cancun 2 days later with only $300 to my name. This hasty choice was mostly the result of spending the first half of my twenties confined to my house or in a hospital due to serious mobility loss after being hit by a car, a police car while I was on my bicycle. During the time that I should have been making mistakes and figuring life out, I was consumed by pain and depression. So when I found peace in Cancun, I knew it was for me! I was afraid I would never heal as my physicians warned, never walk or dance again, but I took the chance because there was something inside me screaming that they were all wrong.

Cancun is a wonderful place for healing, the locals are kind and uplifting, the vibe from the tourists so excited to be here, the atmosphere of Cancun draws you into a healthy place and you can`t help but try. Try to take those painful steps up three flights of stairs to your apartment, try to teach yourself to walk again through the many secret pathways leading down to a beautiful sunset over turquoise waters and white sand. I can`t even begin to recall how often I cried, the despair that my life had ended while I was still living was a constant torture, I felt as though someone had grabbed onto my lungs and my heart and were squeezing with all their might.

Almost daily I found myself wondering, "Was I really here, is this my life? Or have I completely lost my mind and am imagining all of this?"

Never did I think I could find happiness after five years of emotional and physical hell. I never thought I would live outside of the U.S. or if I did, it would be later in my life. To this day I am amazed at myself for taking such a bold and risky step, how amazed I find others as well. A reckless and socially unacceptable move without which I could never have healed mentally and physically. Perhaps not as well as I have anyway, I learned to Salsa dance the Mexican way, the Bachata and Cumbia too, thus regaining my passions. I joined one of the best MMA fighting gyms in Mexico to regain or possibly even discovered my self worth but most important of all, I found me. Too often people ask, especially the youth today, "who am I?" We have no identities beyond the ones we falsify on social media or to our friends. What makes me an individual? I honestly didn't know the answer until I was 27. I don`t think I would have made this discovery without making all of the mistakes I have made in a judge-free environment. No family pressure or condemnation to be heard or seen. No societal pressure to behave or at least cover up my flaws and hide them away. A place where every day is beautiful and a smile is not hard to find, laughter is always heard and the people around you embrace you. This is Cancun, this is what makes it breath. I could talk all day about the physical beauty of Cancun, the beaches and mangroves, the secret ruins or the reefs awaiting discovery under the waves of the ocean but there is a spiritual beauty that far exceeds the physical beauty of Cancun and when you find it, it will seep into your soul and become a part of you, just as Cancun has become a part of me.


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    • profile image

      Manu 15 months ago

      Fvcking Beautiful. Love this blog post. You are a badass!