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A Surefire Way to Battle with Your Friends in Holidays

Updated on June 25, 2013

What Is happening here?

Finally you are off. The holiday companion you know well enough, therefore it can not go wrong. 1 week later your friendship is destroyed. Everyone curses each other and the holiday has become an absolute disaster

Things you will understand

  • What causes this phenomenon at all

  • what you can to help, however

  • what to do when it is too late

A single case you think ? Not at all! This often happens when people from different lifestyles come together. A new environment means changing behavior. In this case it is the joint last minute holiday.


The so introverted in everyday life friend, turns out to be the party machine without limits.

Why Me?

Humans in everyday life and on holiday are partially different. The ever-active adrenaline junkie who pursues his hobbies in everyday life, would also like to finally don't do so much stuff.

If you can't find a coach use the following tips before you agree blindly into a common holiday offer with friends.

How can I protect my holiday?

Like always, there are several paths to the goal. The most successful, however:

Good preparation

Of course you can enter one or two compromises, but the hoped-for holiday will never become a reality. As it later appears with the friendship is also uncertain.

Spend a "trial" with the buddies, and check your shared boundaries.

Just because one is driven to holiday together, it does not mean that one is constantly must stick together. Treat yourself to distance from each other and take your freedom.

Be clear about what you expect and want from a vacation. Afterwards put together on how it can proceed.

Speak open about problems

The longer you are on the road together, the more important moves this point to the fore. A last minute holiday air travel does not always go perfectly. Some decisions are made ​​at the expense of others. In short: You can it just not always right for everyone. Do not let pointless pile up the anger. Talk about it. That's what friends are still there.

In a way it sounds at all for relationship advice. Frankly, many of the most common relationship problems occur due to a violation of the above points. But that's a whole different story.

When it has already happened ...

Just continue your own holiday as planned. With a clear communication to the other party of course. In the end, you are all on vacation and this time is to enjoy. Do not spoil a couple of pointless bickering everything.

Now that you are familiar about the psychological phenomenon, I want to hear your experiences and opinions. Was there such incidents in your past? If so, how did you deal with it?


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