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A Vacation Close to Home

Updated on July 4, 2017
The Yorkdale Mall Sign
The Yorkdale Mall Sign

Toronto Vacation

There are limitless things you can do close to home that can be considered a vacation. You just have to look for them. What is a Vacation close to home? You might wonder An example, I live close to Toronto or at least four hours away so that is what I would consider a Vacation close to home wouldn't you? Although sometimes going to Toronto it isn't a vacation but other times it is. and the adventures you can have in Toronto are limitless. Or do you think that going away on a plane to someplace warm is the only vacation that there is? What are your thoughts on this subject? I am going to tell you what mine are for starters. If I could have gone to the CN tower I would have, but instead, I went shopping.

I did a lot of shopping actually, where you might ask? Well on Or phase street, in Toronto right by Yorkdale mall. This was the first time that I have been there, and it was interesting cheap clothing but I think that it would be best to go shopping there in the summer. It is like a strip mall with clothes outside and inside the store but it is better if it’s warmer, you might find better things. Although I did find a few items one, in particular, was just a green long sleeve shirt but it was only 2.50 isn’t that crazy? Yes and that is why I picked it up. My sister and mom were shopping with me as well, so there was three of us and we spent probably three hundred dollars between us. That is good for the amount of stuff we brought home, regular price for everything we brought home would have probably been over 1000 dollars. Although this is just an estimation, check out Or phase Street in Toronto you will be amazed at what you will find. There is even a cheese factory which is cool.

This vacation was a three-day vacation yes, short but a vacation none the less. I even went to Ikea for the first time, and that was a blast. I loved looking at all the household goods and even took a picture of an Ikea kitchen, you know the ones that you see on the television commercials, well they are exactly the same in the store, and they look even better. There is even a place to eat, in Ikea, at the store in Toronto at least, it even has a daycare for the children so that you don’t need to bring them to the store with you. Isn’t that cool?

Although not all Toronto vacations are the same. Some people wouldn’t even say going to Toronto is a vacation, but some would say it is it just depends on the person that you talk to. For me going to Toronto over the past weekend was a vacation because I was in a different place, although I think we shopped too much but that is just me. What do you think, do you think going to Toronto is a vacation or not? What do you consider a vacation close to home, what if you go camping an hour away from your house, do you consider that a vacation close to home? I would although I don't go camping but if I did that is something I would consider a vacation close to home. Vacations don't always have to be somewhere far, away from you just sometimes need to leave your house and go somewhere else, for a while, no matter how close it is to your house, you just can't be at your house.

Vacations are things that people take to a limitless change of scenery and we all need that at some point in our lives, no matter how far we go. As long as we get away from our house and see something new don't you think? A vacation close to home is going away from your house to a place where you don't have to do any of the cooking or cleaning up of the hotel you are staying in, that is a vacation for anyone isn't it? That is what I think a vacation is anyway.

When I go to Toronto for a vacation it is usually a girls trip which entails shopping and what girl doesn't like shopping even a little bit? Shopping can be limitless, entire and I wrote entire hub about power shopping which entails my Toronto shopping trips so check that too, but just going to Toronto on a vacation is fun too, because there are limitless things to see and do that each time you go you can do something new, since Toronto is such a big city. I went to the movies the last time I was there and the movie theater was a lot bigger and had a lot more to offer then the theaters that are in Windsor which is where I am closest too.

A vacation close to home
A vacation close to home

Toronto Vacation

However going to the big city like Toronto there is a lot more that is offered then some small city, like Windsor which is why I like to go to Toronto occasionally for the limitless fun that it offers and new things to see and do. They have so many big things that we can't see when going to Windsor so that is why we go to Toronto for vacations to see the bigger things that it has to offer. However, the last time I was there, I didn't see everything that I wanted to see but that just means, GoI am going to have to go back to get some more new experiences.

Going to places close to where you live and having mini vacations there can be limitless because most of the time when you go on a vacation close to home you don't realize the hidden gems that are there. Even if you have been to a place a hundred times there is always more to see which is why it is fun to go back, and with it being close to where you live it is easy to get there, for the most part anyway. Wouldn't you say, that is why I love going to Toronto for vacations because there is always something that I see that I haven't seen before which broadens my mind and isn't that what vacations are supposed to do in a limitless capacity even if they are close to home?

I have been to Toronto about five times so far, but there is still so much that I want to go back and see. With it being such a big city you are never going to be able to see everything just going once or even a few times that is why it is fun to go back and do different things. There are limitless things to do anywhere you go you just have to go and look for them and I found that out while I was visiting Toronto once because I was seeing something new at the time that I had never seen before. Which makes each Toronto Vacation special.

Vacations close to home can be limitless, you just have to look for that whenever you go on a vacation. The limitlessness of a Toronto vacation is looking for new things to do every time to you go there, so that it keeps your vacation fun and interesting and not boring. Who likes a vacation that is boring, vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing no matter where they are, which is why every time I go Toronto I make the most of it.

Suzy Shier Ofrus Road Toronto
Suzy Shier Ofrus Road Toronto

Vacations are Limitless

Vacations close to home can be limitless you just have to go on adventures and experience what your country or the town you live in has to offer. You don't always have to take a plane to go on vacations to experience a limitless number of things. Why not try and go on a vacation, close to where you live even if it is a couple hours away? You can have a limitless amount of fun, doing things around where you live, in forms of vacations if you look for it.

Have you ever been to Toronto or a vacation close to your home town? How did you like it?

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