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Oklahoma Sports Fun Facts

Updated on December 12, 2017

For Oklahoma Sports Fanatics, there's always a ton of fun trivia that can be traded about. While many of these are well known, some aren't. If you are an Oklahoma sports enthusiast, you should enjoy this trivia page for Oklahoma's favorite sports teams!

Oklahoma Sooners Fun Facts

  • The University of Oklahoma has 19 varsity sports teams. Both men's and women's teams are called the Sooners. This was nickname given to the early participants in the land rushes which initially opened the Oklahoma Indian Territory to non-Native American settlement in the late 1800's/early 1900's.
  • The Sooners have been in college football since 1895.
  • In the fall of 1895, May Overstreet was asked to head a committee to select the colors of the university. The committee decided the colors should be the now famous crimson and cream. An elaborate display of the colors was displayed before the student body. The student body overwhelmingly approved. Since then, pennants, banners, badges and decorations of every description have appeared anywhere there is an Oklahoma Sooners fan.
  • Mex was the Oklahoma Sooners first mascot. Between 1915 to 1928, Mex the Dog wore a red sweater with a red letter “O” stitched on the side. One of his main jobs was to keep stray dogs from roaming the field during a game. Before Mex began his career as the Oklahoma Sooners mascot, a U.S. Army field hospital medic found him in Mexico in 1914 during the Mexican Revolution. Mott Keys was stationed along the Mexican border near Laredo, Texas, and the future Sooners Mascot among a litter of abandoned pups one night on the Mexican side.

Oklahoma State Cowboys Fun Facts

  • From the 1890s until the 1920's, Oklahoma A&M sports teams had been referred to as the Agriculturists, or "Aggies" for short, the Farmers, and officially but unpopular, the Tigers.
  • Prior to 1957, Oklahoma State University was known as Oklahoma A&M.
  • In 1923, Oklahoma A&M was looking for a new mascot to replace its pet tiger. The tiger was the inspiration behind the school colors of orange and black. A group of students saw Frank Eaton leading the Armistice Day Parade. They quickly approached him and asked if if he would be interested in being the model for the new mascot. He quickly agreed and soon after a caricature of him was drawn. That caricature is more or less the same as the one used today.
  • The new mascot had become so popular that by 1924 the sports editor of the Oklahoma City Times, began calling Oklahoma A&M's teams the Cowboys. The name "Aggies" survived until A&M was elevated to university status in 1957.

Oklahoma City Thunder Fun Facts

  • Before the team was known as the Oklahoma City Thunder, it was known as the Seattle SuperSonics. The SuperSonics were formed in 1967 and spent 41 years in Seattle.
  • In the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina disaster the New Orleans Hornets temporarily relocated to Oklahoma City. They played the majority of their home games during the 2005–06 and 2006–07 seasons at the Ford Center. The success of the Hornets in Oklahoma City showed that it could support a professional basketball team. In 2006, the SuperSonics were sold for $350 million to a group of Oklahoma City investors. This sale was approved by NBA owners the following October.
  • On February 17, 2009, Rumble the Bison was introduced as the new Oklahoma City Thunder mascot during the halftime of a game against the New Orleans Hornets. Rumble went on to become the winner of the 2008-2009 NBA Mascot of the Year award.
  • The Oklahoma City Thunder unveiled their first logo on September 3, 2008. The logo features a shield with a basketball on it. According to majority owner Clay Bennett, the team's logo takes several of its elements from other Oklahoma sports teams such as the Sooners and Cowboys.


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