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War in the Middle East: A Journal Entry

Updated on January 21, 2016

I was in a navy when I was young. Then I flew to Iraq and Afghanistan where I caught myself fighting America’s ultimate crusade. However, incident happened. I lost my ability to stand and walk, and I could barely move a muscle. So, I was sent back home in Chicago and lived with my wife. I have had two sons, and I have been happy with that. Years later, my family life underwent firestorms, and I even saw myself as a different person. I would admit I lost my sense of humor due to some circumstances. I became crippled, and then I lost my sense of life when I realized that I had nothing to offer to my wife and kids. I was not able to play with my kids that we used to have. I was not able to give my wife the things that married people could want. I became helpless and hopeless. My physical condition was a mess. I could not even walk to cook for my kids, and I was hardly able to go to bed and lie down. At first, I thought I was crazy to think that my life was normal. However, later in life, I realized I slowly lost my wife and my kids, which became difficult for me to digest.

I set my wife free. I knew she wanted it that way because she struggled enough for me. She could not do her job because of me, and she was not happy anymore. I could not accommodate her with my condition. The fact that she is a good wife is that she deserved someone better. I do not want her to suffer from life because of me. One time when I asked her if she had someone new, she was mad at me because she never did anything wrong. Time to time I still asked the same question. Just one morning she said she met someone. The only thing I loved her is that she has always been honest to me. When I asked her that she is free to go, she never wanted it too. I told her that everything would be all right. Right then, we made an agreement that I would support our kids since I still received my pension from the navy. Financially, I did not have any problem supporting them. What I wanted to happen was that she had to be happy with someone else because I noticed that she never had the spark in her eyes every time I saw her. That time I finally let her go. I knew she wanted it too silently that she could speak it directly to me.

One day I came across on the Internet. I found out the Philippines. I was amazed by the grandeur that the country brought to me. The place was peaceful and remarkable that I knew some forces called me too. So, I made my own flight to the Philippines knowing that I could find my lost soul and myself there. Well, my friends told me once that the Philippines is a nice country to visit. Majority of people speak English. That is one idea that I encouraged myself to visit the Philippines. Then, my friends told that the value of dollars in the Philippines is high, which made me think that I could survive my stay in the Philippines for quite a long time.

When I arrived in the Philippines, I was totally delighted to see the enticing and attention-grabbing sand beaches. “I like it here” I said. I pulled my wheelchair and put it down so I could transfer myself into it when someone from a distance offered his help. He is a Filipino guy of Mid-30’s, good-looking and friendly. “Can I help you?” he asked. Right then, I knew I could make friends right in the corner. “Is this Boracay?” I asked pretending that I never knew my place. “Yes, this is it” he replied in broken English. On one side of the place, I noticed many Americans, Britons, Germans, Dutch, Brazilians, Mexicans, and many others of different countries. I knew I would never feel nostalgia since I have never been alone. Every corner of the place was filled with American and British foreigners. I knew it why the Philippines caught my attention.

For a month, I enjoyed myself watching and bathing in blue water under the warmth of the sun. Boracay rinsed my hopelessness as it gave sense of renewal and fulfillment. I enjoyed a lot being here, and I almost forgot to go back home. For me, my experience was self-fulfilling. I slowly forgot that I was in a navy. When I lost my ability to stand and walk, I slowly regained it when I thought life was even more promising that I could never imagine. There is more to life than Chicago. I should never waste my time spending my days without doing nothing. Forcing my crippled legs to touch the blue-green water in Boracay, listen to the conversation of some Americans and Britons, and swim under the sea are things I like the most. One thing I could say that life has always been wonderful amidst the inabilities. Without Boracay, Philippines, I would never know that life more offers promises and hopes. This is how I gained my lost soul back when I visited in the Philippines.

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