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A Beautiful Stopover on the Road Home

Updated on February 24, 2018
Gregory Floro profile image

Greg is a retired manager having worked in his country for over 40 years. He and his wife are new residents living in the Tagaytay area.

A pleasant rest stop on a tiresome road

Yvette enjoying the garden setting at Mings
Yvette enjoying the garden setting at Mings
Mozu at Mings
Mozu at Mings

Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road

A markerSanta Rosa-Tagaytay Road -
Santa Rosa - Tagaytay Rd, Philippines
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A busy road that connects Tagaytay to Santa Rosa.

Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road, A road well traveled

Just mention the Sta. Rosa road to vacation travelers and you can expect a lot of tiresome comments ranging from long and exhausting to dangerous and narrow. All of these comments are true to some degree, as the provincial road was never meant to carry the load of traffic that it bears now, but the price of progress is remorseless, and one that needs to be paid for if the cities of Metro Manila are to continue their expansion and growth into the nearby countryside. Filipinos have always seemed resigned to the pains of civilization, and this road more than exemplifies the rewards and benefits to be gained over time.

The Santa Rosa road (book mark A on the map) was designed to connect the city of Santa Rosa with its metropolitan spillover of executive villages and suburbs to the tourist city of Tagaytay and the nearby beach resorts of Cavite and Batangas. It presently consists of 2 lanes of concrete with another 2 lanes being added intermitently. It is now surrounded by farms and orchards which are in the process of merging into towns and village homes. What was once thousands of acres of farmland is being converted into living and working space for millions of filipinos, who form part of the growth potential and history of the country. One can only imagine the traffic load that the road will bear once additional roads and highways are built to connect the provinces of Laguna and southern Philippines with these present feed ways into Manila and northern Philippines. The road requires a lot of attention when driving because of the jeepneys , trucks and tricycles that use it as parking stops to embark/disembark their passengers and cargo. There is also the occasional SUV and bus speeding and overtaking recklessly to watch out for, specially when the fog rolls in at night. All in all, one is easily tired out by driving on the road and it is not recommended for night driving.

An oasis along Sta. Rosa road

An oasis along Sta. Rosa

During one of our road trips down Sta. Rosa, my wife and I discovered a rest stop that helped rejuvenate our spirits and fill our bellies. Mozu at Mings Garden is a small outdoor restaurant surrounded by well manicured gardens and trees. The foodie place is located close to Tagaytay, a perfect place to stop on the road if the munchies should attack .Unlike the occasional road stop that caters to bus loads of hungry and noisy travelers, Mings Garden focuses on the traveler looking for inner rest after being overwhelmed by the tiresome distractions of the city.

The food served in Mozu is both appetizing and appealing. The dishes can be sized to fit one's hunger, and we enjoyed their overall appeal. The menu brings to the table a variety of different dishes to challenge a diner's imagination and hearty appetite. Just remember to try a cup or two of the coffee after finishing off dessert before taking on Sta. Rosa road one more time.

© 2018 Gregory Floro


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