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A breathtaking weekend trip to Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

Updated on September 27, 2011

Niagara Falls Canada

Family fun trip to Niagara Falls, Ontario

There seems to be great interest in visiting different places in the world and we all can relate in that we all have a wish list of the places we would like to visit one day. We may never have the chance again so when we do have the chance we certainly wish to make the most of it and enjoy the experience. I have been very lucky to visit two places I always wanted to all in the span of a week. I visited in the previous week the beautiful country of France and the cosmopolitan city of Paris and it was a dream come true. It was a business trip but it was a tremendous experience and I feel lucky I had the chance to travel there.

In the following week my wife surprised me with a planned weekend trip to Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada. I have always been impressed with the beauty and the majesty of the falls and always wanted to see it in person. We all feel a need to travel outside of our domain every now and then and get to experience life in other places in the world. It helps us to grow and to learn and it provides us with a new perspective that we don't often get to experience. It is nice to travel and see new things. I can now say I have heard the roar of the rapids leading from the falls close up as I walked with my family on the nature walk and it was quite impressive.

Part of the experience in visiting some far away places is the method of travel we choose. In some cases we will travel by airplane and in other cases we will travel by car. There is fun in driving to a desired destination and as we find ourselves en-route we tend to view the trip with eagerness, anticipation and excitement. Sometimes we will feel like we are invincible and can drive continuously and other times we will find that we need to stop quite often to accommodate our family. We have to try to find a balance so we can make good time and also enjoy the breaks along the way to rest, eat and refresh ourselves.

Our drive up to Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada was one of the longer drives we have experienced as it was nearly 10 hours as we did make some stops along the way as needed. We have always felt family trips are very important and we try to plan at least one each year. The beauty of our drive to Niagara Falls was we had the experience of travelling through three states and another country to reach our destination and it was beautiful scenery the whole way up to the Niagara Falls region. As we drove the 400 + miles it was a bit long but we were prepared for it and we enjoyed it. The ride started out from our home in Levittown, NY and we drove to the Whitestone bridge and the George Washington bridge to Route 80 which took us into the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We then wound up back in New York State via the New York State thruway which took us up through Syracuse and eventually up to Niagara Falls where we found a wonderful place to visit. We can view the falls from both the US side and the Canadian side. It was a memorable moment crossing the border into Canada because it was our son's first visit to a foreign country and our first visit outside the US as a family. I have visited Canada before but that was many years ago as a young man before I was married and though that was a fun time in my life it felt good to be in Canada with my family.

As we drove to the border we furnished our passports and other documents verifying our citizenship before we gained entry into Canada. Our son was all excited when we crossed the border and he stated singing the beautiful song O Canada which is one of my favorite country anthems. I hear it played at hockey games and during the Olympics and I enjoy it every-time I hear it played. The song abounds with national pride and it is beautifully written and the music is powerful and emotional and you don't have to be Canadian to enjoy its beauty and charm.

As we reached the hotel we were extremely tired and were happy to be in Canada looking forward to a full day at Niagara Falls on Saturday later in the morning. We left our home in Long Island on Friday evening around 6:00 pm and arrived at out hotel in Ontario, Canada at 4:00 am Saturday morning. We were so tired that it seemed very easy falling asleep. We knew it would be brief though since we had a full day planned and wanted to get out by 9:00 am at the very latest. We were very lucky with the weather as it was a beautiful sunny day and it was cool since we were right by the Falls. My first memory of the falls was the view from the car as a passenger which was breathtaking and extremely beautiful. I was immediately impressed and admired the beauty and the power the falls represent.

As we walked on the avenue overlooking the falls we found many places to take wonderful and memorable pictures. It was something new to experience and I was excited to look at the views with both my wife and son. Grandma came with us and she also enjoyed the beautiful views the falls offered. We were also with friends who made the trip worthwhile as they too travelled from Long Island and spent the weekend viewing the sites with us. To really capture the beauty and the amazing power of the falls I recommend doing the maid of the mist tour and the tours that bring you close to the falls which is a once in a lifetime experience where you get the chance to view the falls from the deck of a boat and you actually ride near them and get to feel the awesome power they harness and you also get to enjoy the refreshing sprays from the falls as you don rain ponchos to help prevent from getting soaked.

As I looked upon the falls I couldn't help but notice all the many tourists travelling from so many far and distant places to experience the majesty of the Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada. I was excited to be a part of it with my beautiful family and now I know why so many people love to visit here. We also walked in the town and were drawn to all the different stores and restaurants that lined the avenues and streets. It seemed the day went by so fast as we really enjoyed the many beautiful sites and the wonderful people in Canada. Our son had a great time as he also participated in taking video of our trip both in the car and along the visits to the falls and the town. If we had another couple of days we would have enjoyed the trip further north to Toronto which is about an hour's drive from the falls. As the early evening set in we walked around and settled upon an Italian restaurant where we had an enjoyable dinner and discussed our plans for Sunday morning knowing we would have to start our trip back home before the early afternoon.

As the evening drew to a close we settled in for the night planning to spend the morning in the town for breakfast and some sightseeing before starting the long trip back home. We had a wonderful time in Canada and we were sad to have to leave but we knew that we would make eventual plans to spend another weekend or vacation week in beautiful Ontario, Canada and would welcome it sooner than later. Canada is beautiful and so are its people. O Canada! It is such a wonderful country and one of the most enjoyable places to visit in and spend time with your family. We are happy we had the chance to come here to Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada. I can now proudly say I have been to Montreal, Quebec, Toronto and now Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Edward D. Iannielli III

Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

Driving in town by Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

O Canada

O Canada (French)


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    • profile image


      6 years ago from New York, New York

      nice one! good information.... thumbs up!

    • ediann profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thank you also for your kind greetings and your wonderful comment. I love Canada and the Canadians are wonderful. You are proof of that. I always love visiting Canada and hopefully will be back again with my family. We would also love to visit Toronto. How lucky are you to live in such a beautiful place! I remember my first visit to Toronto watching a playoff game with the bluejays and twins in 1991 at the skydome and i sat next to a family from toronto who made me feel very welcome and even bought me an ice cream. i will never forget that. i was sad the bluejays lost the game by a score of 3-2 in 10 innings but it was a fun time and i met some wonderful people. best to you and your family too!

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      How very nice of you to write about your experience at Niagara Falls! And you were also very kind with your words - thank you.

      Living in Toronto, Niagara Falls is "around the corner" so to speak. I have been there many times and I do love The Falls.

      I sat there, several times and looked at it and realized how really insignificant I am, as an individual in the grand scheme of things. The Falls keeps going, unaffected by time it seems - it just keeps going, as strong and as magnificent as ever. I love it.

      Thank you for coming-by to visit and I am happy you enjoyed your time here. All the best!


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