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A fabulous One Day Rest at Crown Promenade Hotel, Melbourne, Australia

Updated on July 10, 2011
Lonely Planet Australia (Country Travel Guide)
Lonely Planet Australia (Country Travel Guide)

No one knows Australia like Lonely Planet…remember, we live here!


I deserve a well-earned rest, I reckoned.

Last year had been a really hectic year. Work felt like a marathon during some months with looming deadlines and projects to churn out. I was fortunate to have had immediate staff on-hand who were on the ball with work and did put in their best to help ease the workload. They deserved a rest too.


When it came down to the end-of -year, family time, 3 weeks of leave away from work during the Christmas break, I had absolutely nothing planned for the family, courtesy of a busy year.

No place at the inn?

"There won't be much accommodation left out there for you to book, it is the end of the year, you know," quipped a well-meaning colleague. "Oh, families usually book the same holiday spots year after year AND they do it a year in advance. You won't find much out there left at this late a time in the year," commiserated another. And the advice and opinions continued on in the same vein.

There we were, desperately would have loved to go on a holiday but apparently it was going to be a bummer of a time finding a place that was going to be available. So when we started our search online, it was with a lack-lustre effort as my esteemed colleagues' predictions turned out to be accurate and true.

The problem was, folks, we were searching in the wrong places.

Video on Melbourne, Victoria

Crown Promenade
Crown Promenade

Christmas Down Under

As you might know, Christmas in Australia is during Summer.

Majority of holiday-makers would be surfing and sun-baking on glorious beaches some one or two hours drive out of Melbourne. I was looking for accommodation in the same hot places and came up empty-handed. Disappointed, I decided to check out hotels in Southbank, Melbourne city and voila, I came across the 4.5-star Crown Promenade Hotel, part of the Crown Hotels in Australia, where there were still a few rooms available leading up to New Year's Eve. After some enquiries with the hotel staff, we were guaranteed a best rate for the season and proceeded to book a great family room deal for the 30th December 2010. We happily waited for the day to arrive.

We're off!

Yeah, well, that was how we felt. Excited, happy and looking forward to a time together. It was only for one day as that was all we could afford at a 4.5 Star hotel.

We arrived at the hotel and the boys were suitably impressed with all the bling that surrounded them. We found our way up to our room for the night on the 18th floor and discovered we had a fabulous view of Melbourne from way up there. Hubby and I decided that we'd go to Swanston Street for some quick shopping, one of the many attractions in Melbourne. (I was hoping to score some bargains which I did. Wink! Wink!). En route back to the hotel, we stopped by a take-away shop corner Elizabeth Street and Flinders Street, took our purchases back to the hotel and shared with the boys. We got to admit, without a doubt, 'Lord of the Fries' serve the best fries in Australia (well, perhaps Melbourne, as I have not travelled all over Australia as yet). It is not just the quality of fries but the sauces that come with them make the servings really yummmmmmmmm..........

Crown Promenade Hotel Pool
Crown Promenade Hotel Pool | Source


The hubby and two boys then decided to go test out the hotel's indoor swimming pool. Turned out the standard of the pool passed their test as we all enjoyed the time together. Well, they enjoyed the swimming and I enjoyed watching them by the pool with a book in my hand.

Energy spent and now feeling ravenous, we traipsed down to Crown's Food Court for dinner. There was no end to the selection offered. Catering for the international visitors who frequented the Crown Entertainment Complex where the Food Court, we had a wide variety of food to select from. After eating till our hearts' content, we moved on back to our hotel room now for the R+R. We spent the rest of the night in luxury and comfort, with a view to die for, while being in the best company in the world.

Crown Promenade Hotel View Outside Pool
Crown Promenade Hotel View Outside Pool | Source
Crown Christmas Play 2010
Crown Christmas Play 2010 | Source
View of Crown Towers outside our room window
View of Crown Towers outside our room window | Source

The next morning

We lazed in bed, relaxed, watched telly and got up only to check out by 11am. It had been a glorious time so far to be capped off with lunch at the Kitchen Workshop at Crown. Food was sumptious, the desserts were delightful. I had looked at my sons thinking that I was very blessed with having two gentlemanly and thoughtful young men in my life.

Those 24 hours had been relaxing, fun, restful, precious. I will remember those times at the Crown accomodation with fondness as they were hours of bonding, connecting, reconnecting and more reconnecting. It clearly reminded me that this year, my resolution needed to be less marathon hours at work and more like the times experienced during that fabulous one day at Crown Promenade Hotel in Melbourne.

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There is a subtle texture that is uniquely Melbourne. A texture I hope to convey to you in words this lively city from an insider's point of view.

Melbourne Video by Alex Cooksey (Musice Credit: FOALS for the track "Blue Blood")

Where we stayed for that one fabulous day - Crown Promenade

A marker8 Whiteman Street, Southbank Vic -
8 Whiteman St, Southbank VIC 3006, Australia
get directions

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Meanwhile, you take care :)

What are your memories of Melbourne?

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    • May PL profile image

      May PL 6 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Thanks for the compliment and thanks for sharing your memories of Melbourne!

    • profile image

      Chelsea from US 6 years ago

      Warm summer days, beautiful beaches, lovely parks. We also stayed at the Crown Promenade for a couple of days. Nice article.