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A fairy land - Kaghan Valley

Updated on December 3, 2012
Lake Saiful Maluk - Kaghan Valley
Lake Saiful Maluk - Kaghan Valley | Source

Kaghan valley with a length of 160 kilometers is a heaven piece on earth and could be counted amongst the most beautiful valleys in the world. It is located in Hazara Region (Khyber Pakhtunkwa), Pakistan. Both Pakistanis as well as foreign tourists visit frequently the dreamland tourist sites in the valley believed to be a special tourist resort. The valley possess natural vegetation like pine forests, meadows, green cover of grass with beautiful multi-colored flowers, natural lakes and mountain streams. Kunhar River is a dominant feature of the valley which flows gently between the hilly mountains and well-known for trout fish, the most expensive and delicious kind of fish found in Pakistan. Herds of cattle could be seen in pastures during spring time which add to the natural beauty of the valley.

Beside this, waterfalls and glaciers are also important features of the valley and believed to be the fine art of nature which exists in its natural form. Kaghan valley is most popular for its miraculous lakes which are round about a dozen in number but the most special among them are Lake Saiful Muluk, Lulusar Lake and Dudipatsar Lake. The valley is best fit to be visited in summer season with favorable temperature and flourishing picturesque beauty.

Lake Saiful Muluk located at the northern end of the Kaghan Valley close to Naran is reckoned amongst the highest lakes in Pakistan. It’s a scenic and charming spot and famous around the world for its attraction and natural beauty. The lake is oval in shape and reflects deep blue in color which mesmerizes people and captivates attention as well as providing peace of mind at a solitary place. The water is so transparent that you can easily see pebbles in the bottom of the lake. Malika Parbat is a famous mountain peak which is seen from the Lake along with its reflection in the lake which is a marvelous scene to remember. Many fairy tales are associated with the lake turning it to one ideal place for lovers and romance makers. The beauty and magic of the lake has inspired poets since long to write some heart touching and quixotic poetry.

Another important and heart touching scene is at Lalusar Lake situated about 48 km from Naran and stretched to the north of Kaghan Valley and believed to be one of the biggest natural lake in Hazara Region. Besides fishing at the lake for which permission could be taken from the fisheries department, you could have the charm of living in an incredible serene and splendid environment full of flower colors. It is also a water feeding source to river Kunhar. The blue water of the lake full of natural ecstasy along with a gentle cool breeze and imbibed with flower fragrance is an outstanding feature of the lake.

Same is the beauty of Dudipatsar Lake but it is located at some height for which if necessary, hiking is required. These three lakes are dominant and naturally attractive tourist sites in Kaghan Valley. Once visited, the visit remains a memorable journey for entire life, leaving behind the thirst of a second visit. Particularly for those people who loves nature and are inspired by natural beauty, it is an ideal place to spend some time which provides a man with serenity of mind.

Located close to a hectic region full of hustle and bustle, a visit to the valley shall not be avoided looking to the grave situation in the surrounding. In fact it gives the most pleasure of being living in such environment, with cooperative locals, adventurous routes and comfortable hotels to stay in. You can find easily a travel guide to Kaghan valley before planning a tour.


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