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Hawaii Tips Tricks and Secrets

Updated on June 3, 2013

Looking at King Kong in the distance

This is could be you in your hammock on the ocean right outside your condo.
This is could be you in your hammock on the ocean right outside your condo.

Everyone wants to go to Hawaii someday

My wife and I wanted to go to Hawaii to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. We aren’t rolling in $ to be able to jot down to the Islands whenever we want. So I began looking online with Expedia and Travelocity and Priceline and every other website you can imagine and we keep coming up with prices around $13,000! I don’t have that kind of $ and I’m sure you don’t either or you wouldn’t be reading this page ;) So we began to dig deep and surf the web like Duke Kahamoku or Mike Parson surfing on the North Shore. The result is after 5 years of saving and research we finally made it to Kauai to celebrate our 15th anniversary in style and on the cheap so we wanted to share that with everyone we could.

Check out this beautiful Video of Kauai

Swim up to the bar for a refreshing drink

Hawaii for Dummies

We have read pretty much every guidebook, website, movie and travel channel show that is out there to help us figure out which island was right for us. We were looking for a place to get away from the hectic everyday life to just relax, see the beauty of the islands, and reconnect as a couple but not be rushed to do every adventure that is out there. After reading Hawaii for Dummies and the AAA Hawaii Tour Book we were able to narrow down which Island we wanted to spend our two weeks on. Some people “Island hop” and I recommend reading the Dummies book to see which Island fits your personality and desire for your vacation.

We decided on Kauai because it seemed to have the best of everything without all the commercial touristy stuff you find on some of the other islands. While some of the tips we have here are specific to Kauai all the savings can be used for any Island you choose. We wanted to sit by the pool or cruise to the beach and sit and read. We also wanted to go surfing, hiking, swimming inside waterfalls, exploring, shopping, and eat at the best restaurants the island had to offer. We wanted to live large without having to spend all of our kids college fund and the more money you can save the more fun you can have. We did all that and I will go into more detail later on how to find the Best food for the least price and how to get to all the amazing places and secrets later.

We made our share of mistakes and found some real amazing deals so I wanted to share those with anyone I could help you save a little $ too. With all the smart phones, Android phones, iphones, ipads, tablet PC’s and e-readers like Kindle and so on I put together this interactive guide with web links, video clips and pictures to help you have fun and get the most out of your trip. I promise you that if you follow even one of my tips and secrets you will more than pay for this book 50-100 times over!

Here is a video of Picture I took and will tell you how to get to all these places!

Here are a Few Tips to get you started

Tips Tricks and Secrets

  1. 1. How to get there – First let me say the farther you plan ahead the more money you can save. Like I said in the fwd I tried and and they were nothing compared to the deal I was able to get using . All you have to do is sign up for the airport I wanted to leave from and arrive in LIH which is Lihue the main airport inKauaiand give them your email address and they will email you when there is a significant price change in airfare for all the airlines! So, I filled everything out and began my hunting expedition. I saw the prices around $1000 and was prepared that the cost to get there from the east cost might be a little high so I waited. Then each week would pass and I would get an email and the price went up to $1200 and I was so mad that I didn’t lock in while it was lower, but I waited patiently like any good hunter in the field and then a month later I got an email alert that the price had dropped to $788! And I jumped to the phone and called American Airlines to book the flight right away. But American couldn’t find that fee, so I went back to email to finalize the deal online. (Also if you have a Citi card you got 30,000 bonus miles to help you get back another day J).
    1. Just a side note here on why American Airlines and not any of the others. I went to to review how each airline compared because the price was negligible between airlines and American seemed to be the better airline of the competition.
    2. Then I went to to figure out which seat was the best on the plane. They will tell you which row is the best and for the long flight to Hawaii I recommend looking for the isle that has the most leg room, window seat so you can sleep and the car charger power outlet to charge your DVD player or phone or whatever. I couldn’t afford the $1000+ upgrade to first class “maybe if I had worked a little harder” as Jerry Seinfeld said I could have been if first class, but I don’t have that kind of $.
  2. 2. Where to Stay in Kauai – We searched the literally every square inch of the Island using Google maps to find every hotel and condo on the island to try and find the best deal with the nicest amenities that we could afford. We ended up staying at the Kauai Beach Resort on the east cost and it was the best decision of the entire trip. During our two week stay in Kauai we drove around the Island and went to all the nice hotels to check them out to compare with where we were staying. We went to the Marriot and the Grand Hyatt to walk around their resorts and check out their beaches and pools and we ate at both of their restaurants and I’ll tell you about that a little later. But, for the price of $400-$4000 a night for a room the Kauai Beach Resort was just as amazing and maybe even more so. We also went to the St Regis Resort in Princeville to check out what they had to offer and found it to be similar to the Grand Hyatt in the Luxury class.

Now, I could end this bullet point and move on and I would have saved you at least $200 a night to stay at a nice resort for a fraction of the cost, but I kept digging and found an even better deal. You could click the link above to the Kauai Resort and make reservations for a great deal or you can get an even bigger discount from renting a private condo from someone at the Resort!

Room 3331 which is privately owned so you get a king bed, flat screen TV and all the amenities of the rest of the resort at a fraction of the cost!

tell the folks at the resort you want building #4 for the best ocean views right next to the pool.

Also in the category of where to stay is which coast to stay on. I have to say after the LONG flight to Hawaii I was so relieved to only have a 10 min drive to our condo and not a 45 minute drive to the South or 60 minutes to the North shore! Then everyday, we could run up to the north or to the south or even west coast and the East coast was really centrally located for the one main road that goes across the island hwy 56.

Kauai Resort

A marker4331 Kauai Beach Drive Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii 96766 -
4331 Kauai Beach Drive, Lihue, HI 96766, USA
get directions

Best condo for location, and price!

Kauai Resort


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