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It's not a long way to Tipperary

Updated on January 27, 2013

How to get there.

We try to visit relatives in County Tipperary at least once a year. Travelling from England, I can tell you, how we do it at a reasonable price.

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to fly or sail. If there is a carload of you then I would suggest you catch the ferry. Your entire luggage is free and you can take as much as you need, remember nearly everything is a lot more expensive in Ireland than in England including hangover cures.

Stenna Lines go from Fishguard and Holyhead

Norfolkline Irish Sea and P&O both sail from Liverpool. I would suggest the best website for the ferries is you will find all the information and timetables you need.

As there is only two of us that usually travel to Ireland, we prefer to fly. For us John Lennon airport in Liverpool is usually best. I suggest that if you are flying, then always check out the regional airports as you can pick up some great deals. A word of caution though. I have seen some airlines say a return flight from as little as one pence, but the charges they add on soon mount up. Be careful of luggage weights and the number of cases you take.

We would normally drive and park at the airport. So much cheaper than taxis. If you book car parking in advance using their website, then you can save up to fifty five per cent compared to the turn up and pay rate. I think it was about thirty pounds for five days the last time we used it.

We fly to Cork then pick up a rental car, again booked in advance using their websites. Now a little tip for you. When you pick up the car, they will ask you to fill in a little questionnaire about driving in Ireland. It is multiple choice but the answers are printed on the bottom of the sheet. I think they use this as a distraction because while I was filling it in, he asked me which insurance I wanted and I said the cheapest. It was only when I left the airport I realized that I had already got insurance when I originally booked on line. That mistake cost me an extra one hundred and eighty pounds.

I prefer Cork because it is so easy. Just five minutes to get on the N25 motorway then the N8 and finally the M8, where you will have to pay a toll of € 1.90 (at the time of writing). We leave the motorway at Cahir pronounced ker and join the N24 to Tipperary. Most of the towns and villages are bypassed nowadays, which certainly speeds up the journey.

Glen of Aherlow

The view from Slievenamuck car park across to the Galtee mountains.
The view from Slievenamuck car park across to the Galtee mountains.
Welcome to Tipperary You've Come a Long way
Welcome to Tipperary You've Come a Long way

Am Ar Bith

Tipperary Town

At last you have made it. You will see the sign; it's a bit battered but still a great sight. It always makes me laugh. Now for a town with a population of only four and a half thousand there are a heck of a lot of pubs and bars. Just along Main Street, which is less than a kilometre long, I counted twenty-seven pubs. I think they like their drink. It might explain why the people are so friendly.

They always say, "Hello, how are you?” I remember once, while we walking along the street with my fiancee's aunt. As we approached someone she would say "Well" that was it. Another person would come towards us and she would say "Well". After about four people had passed, I asked her " Why do you keep saying well to everyone" and she replied "It saves them from asking the question". She kills me.

We normally frequent Corny's. The oldest pub in town. They have been serving pints since 1742. Another tip for you. Don't ask for a pint and half of lager, they will look at you as if you have come from Mars. You ask for a pint and a glass.

One night when we were in Corny's. We were invited to join some others and after about an hour. Someone said "Come on John. Sing us a song". He went to his car and returned with a guitar and started to sing. It was a great night. I later found out that it was John Coffee from the folk group Am Ar Bith,what a down to earth bloke, brilliant. Check out the video.Johnny is the one on right of the photo. In fact they are sat at the same table as we were, when we met him.

You can view corny's because they have a web site with a webcam. Just go to

Traditional Irish music or Diddly De Diddly Di music, as I call it, Is regularly played in Spillane's on Tuesday's. Musicians just turn up and play their own instruments and everyone joins in.

Live bands and acts compete with each other to get your attention in many pubs especially at the weekend. I have never been to Tipperary on St. Patricks Day but they tell me it's fantastic.

During the day, try driving to the Glen of Aherlow. It is a really spectacular view. The photograph above does not do it justice. I would describe it as twenty nine shades of green. You can get more information from the lonely planet. See link below.


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    • pe555 profile imageAUTHOR

      Peter Donnelly 

      7 years ago from UK

      Your welcome, Vicki.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thanks for posting the blog and mentioning corny's! My husband served in the Marine Corps with the owner and he told me I needed to let him know that he was finally retiring. I knew it was in TT, I just for the life of me could not remember the name of the pub until I saw it it in your blog.....thanks again!

    • pe555 profile imageAUTHOR

      Peter Donnelly 

      7 years ago from UK

      Thanks Ghost32. We will never stop learning. Ha ha

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I've known that song (It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary) since childhood--but only just now found out the place is in Ireland. It could have been on the moon for all I knew!

      Learning something new every day....


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