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A small town treasure

Updated on May 20, 2011
the boys
the boys | Source

Sometimes I meet the nicest people at the metal detector. I work in the court house in a small town in Georgia. I ‘am baffled by the large amounts of people that come in to do their business from large towns in and out of Georgia.

The local folks are by far my friends and neighbors, mostly farmers and just old folks retired some like myself have found our little town to settle down in. I ‘am impressed by the kindness of these outsiders and the willingness to become just like us. There is such a comfort level that one gets living in a small town and a sense of peace.

We have a modern metal detector and x-ray machine just like the big cities but there’s one main difference here. When you leave our court house you don’t mind coming back.

I have seen so many times in my travels around other court houses people upset over the smallest little things during the stripping of all metal objects and everything out of the pockets. I always get the same question why do I need to take my wallet out? Because as I have said so many times before, I carry a small gun in my wallet that’s why, live a week in my world and you would understand.

I never expect people to understand all the crazy nuances and security nor am I going to explain them to you. People only have to remember this is the law until something better and less restrictive comes up. The last thing we want is a problem in the court house where some innocent person gets hurt just minding their own business.

Little town spirit is very hard to keep however do to the modern world around us and all the changes in the law each and every year. I surly feel that most of us would just like to set on the porch without hearing an emergency siren going off.

Living the life of a cop through the first seven years is the hardest, not without challenges from the heart and mind. All the values that we have been taught as a kid somehow come into conflict with our job duties.

Now it’s not until we get over experienced in our job that we feel that we can handle anything that comes along. As you guys that follow me and my short stories know I recently had a major operation, a Kidney transplant at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m here to tell you that the out pouring from the many patrons visiting our little court house made me feel like there was nothing I couldn't do.

I learned from all the people that I was searching that there was an amazing feeling coming from each and every person that I touched. A special kindness and warmth that soothed the sole when I was not feeling well and an energy that allowed me to stand tall and be proud to do the job even though I was doing physically well from the Dialysis.

The one thing I learned from all this was that everybody, sometime in their life goes through a trauma period that conflicts between work and home. I have a wife that waited on me hand and foot and was always there to morally support me as only she knew how and when. Work on the other hand was a little more intense, there are rules that we must adhere too while working in a court house even when your sick.

I used to get about 30 hugs a day from both employees and customers alike. That was the greatest feeling a man could ever have, knowing so many people cared, most of which were complete strangers to me one time.

I ‘am of the belief that given a chance most people under normal stress levels will react to others in distress favorably not knowing the person at all. This is why we as Americans are so fortunate to live in a country that is free to show feelings and help others. This all comes back to us when we need it and chances are one day in your life look around and I will there to help you, have a great day


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