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Caribbean: visiting the Santo Domingo promenade!

Updated on December 5, 2012

Doing a virtual tour of SD

I had to leave Santo Domingo after twelve years of I living there, but that does not stop me from dreaming that I am back there again, or that I am at least visiting! I used to like the people, their friendship and sense of humour! In this hub I will pretend I am back in the Malecón (seaside promenade), doing things that are very typical and that I used to love doing when I was living there. I guess this will be a virtual tour!

Coconuts waiting to be cut in the Malecn.
Coconuts waiting to be cut in the Malecn.
Refreshing coconut water drink
Refreshing coconut water drink

Agua de coco (coconut water)

It is a hot day and I feel like drinking something, so I think the best would be Agua de Coco (coconut water), as that is always so refreshing! I also like to watch how they cut the coconut with a machete, as that is not easy to do, although somebody must have also climbed up to get the coconut to be able to sell it!

Paintings from Haiti

I like buying handicrafts when I go on holidays, but after being here in the Malecón I have realized that I still don’t have a happy and colourful painting from anywhere. Maybe an Haitian painting would do the trick, as it would look so nice on one of the walls in our weekend house!


Later on in the afternoon I think I will try a Frio-Frio. They are not as healthy as coconut water, of course, but they are fun to drink too, as it is nice to crash the ice with ones teeth! These days they also have many different flavours, but I always tend to go for the red one, which I guess is raspberry. They don’t usually have them in other countries, you know, which is a pity, I think.

Horse driven carriage

I also would not mind going on one of those horse driven carriages, as that would be so much fun! I can still remember following one of them around all along the Malecón, just so my nephews could have a look at the horses! To think that those boys are now in the university! Time sure flies!

Chimi-churri & Presidente

This evening I would not mind coming here again to have a Chimi-Churri, as one can get a hamburger where I am living now, but they don’t taste anything like a real honest to goodness Dominican Chimi-Churri! One time in a restaurant where I live, I saw they had Chimi-Churri sauce, but that was an Argentinean sauce for meat! The best drink to go with theChimi would be a nice cold Presidente beer, as where I am living  the moment, they serve beer with lots of foam on top, can you imagine that? In Santo Domingo one can even return a beer that has foam on it, as it is obviously not cold!

Dominican group of students & perico ripiao painting

Maybe I could find a group of school kids to talk to for a bit. I could ask them about the new Metro, the cost of a ride and how long it takes to go all the way to Villa Mella, for example. Or maybe they could tell me about the latest merengue that is in fashion, as I wouldn’t mind buying a CD to take back with me. Or better still, maybe they could help me find a Perico Ripiao group, as I wouldn’t mind listening to some typical Dominican music right now!

Nice beach video, no words!

Dominican Republic - Inexhaustible! - Comment

This is a very nice video prepared by the Dominican Tourism Ministry. Short introduction in Spanish, but the rest is just beautiful views!


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    • sylvia13 profile image

      Sylvia Gadea de Beer 6 years ago from Shoal Bay, NSW, Australia

      During 12 years the DR also used to be my country! Unfortunately I never bothered to become a citizen, something that I now regret!

      As Betty Missiego used to sing in her song Mi Tierra:

      "Cantaré en los mares

      sobre las montañas

      a Quisqueya hermosa

      parte de mi alma.

      Cantaré a tus hombres

      cantaré a tu historia

      y diré que eres

      sentimiento y gloria".


    • supercibor profile image

      Hector Herrera 6 years ago from Dominican Republic

      Thanks for this great hub about my country.Beautiful hub.