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A travel article for the travel lovers

Updated on May 31, 2016

Tuscany Travel Guide for the tourists

Tuscany – the tourist brochure for this stunning destination is an interlude of vineyards, olive groves, frescoed medieval churches, fields of golden wheat and hill towns. We could say that Tuscany comprises the essence of Italy in numerous ways, and has earned its name of La Vera Italia – regarding cultural heritage, landscapes, tradition, and authenticity. Travel to this marvelous destination to trace the ancient tracks of European history.

Tuscany – the cultural heart of Italy

This segment of Italy is known to have played a prominent role in shaping the Renaissance movement, which contributed to developing both the Italian and European culture. Namely, Florence, the heart of Tuscany, has been the core that gave birth to the Renaissance, and the dominant Medici dynasty contributed to its flourishing. Once you arrive at this unique spot, you’ll be able to marvel at the works of the most eminent Italian artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Masaccio, Donatello, Alberti – everything is comprised here, in the abundance of galleries, churches, and museums.

The cultural weight of this place is doubled, as the Italian language as we know it today, has actually developed from the Tuscan dialect. And, since we’ve reached this area, we cannot go on without mentioning the supremacy of Italian writers such as Dante, Boccaccio, and Petrarch, who originate from this beautiful spot.

Tuscany equals history

Tuscany has been and always will be seductive and appealing to many tourists. It comprises of a unique selection of charming, art-filled towns that mirror history and ancient stories – such towns provide one with plenty of sightseeing opportunities. Of course, each one of these places offers exquisite drinks and foods, as one might only expect from Italy. It appears that each town or commune in Tuscany is eager to outsmart another, and the result is a unique bouquet of cultural richness.

Apart from the beautiful Florence, Siena, Lucca, Pisa, and Arezzo, which are worth at least a one-day visit, small hilltowns such as Cortona or San Gimignano, yearn for your attention as well. In fact, they are the ideal candidates when it comes to relishing the typical Tuscan charm. Towns such as Pitigliano, Massa Marittima, and Volterra, are places where tourism hasn’t impaired the local character, so they should definitely be on your must-see list.

The richness of art might distract your attention from the picturesque beauty of the landscapes. However, don’t allow that to happen, as the art combined with the natural surroundings account for Tuscany’s unique charm.

You shouldn’t miss visiting the 700-year-old Masaccio frescoes of Adam and Eve, that embellish the BrancacciChapel in Florence – Santa Maria del Carmine church. In the same respect, the famous leaning tower of Pisa is a major attraction you shouldn’t miss visiting. As long as you keep your eyes wide open, you’ll be awed at what Tuscany has to offer in terms of historical heritage.

Picture-perfect landscapes

Without fear of contradiction, Tuscany has an ageless familiarity, due its quintessential Florentine cathedral dome, the hills rising from the serene mist and the cypress alleys. That doesn’t surprise us, as the heart of Italy is made out of postcard material. The green vineyards, the terraced rows of hills, the wheat fields, and olive groves, all account for constructing the personality of these medieval villages. It doesn’t suffice to stare at a picture to taste the charm of the landscape; you have to be there, on the spot, immerse yourself in the moment, and explore the unique beauty Tuscany has to offer.

Food and wine – ingredients of a Tuscany escape

By all means, Tuscany is among the top destinations for gourmands and wine lovers. The Tuscans share an immense pride in producing high-quality wine, and their culinary traditions are a major attraction for many tourists. It’s primordial to plan a visit to Tuscany’s wineries, such as Chianti Vineyards, located in an ancient, unaltered landscape. Even the air in this area is scented by wine. Here, you can taste the highly praised wine Badia a Passignano, which has been produced for tens of years. Apart from that, you can go to a pastificiotradizionale, which is usually family-run, and you can relish a traditional dish of tasty pasta, and enjoy the typical slow-paced Italian lifestyle.



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