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Activity and Adventure Clubs in Cochin

Updated on October 15, 2010

In Cochin there are numerous clubs which are totally known as ‘Cochin clubs’. These clubs have very ancient historical background. These clubs are possessed with standard libraries and there they have kept very good collection of sporting trophies. The club office is arranged in a house which is situated in a very beautiful landscaped area. When the club was started in the year 1900 only British people were the members. Now the rules and regulations are liberalized and started providing admission to all including women. Alcohol will not be served in these clubs and its premises nowadays. All such clubs have very good participation in social, educational and cultural fields of Cochin people and their family.

Recently these Cochin clubs have started undertaking sight seeing tours, adventurous trips and dangerous boat riding. In addition to these programs they often organize certain peculiar activities like mass running by people, mass cycle riding, mass scooter riding, mass bike riding and mass auto rickshaw riding which are popularly known as rallies. The rallies are from one destination to other and the participants must be ready to suffer all difficulties they have to suffer in the midst of their journey. Sometimes they sponsor these activities as a means to encourage such adventurous activities. They either organize or sponsor such activities to make people aware about communal harmony, national integration or evils of society.

In the mass run conducting by the Cochin club numerous distinguished individuals participate to make people aware about the importance and seriousness of the cause for which they decided to run. In this way the activities of Cochin clubs are very beneficial to man and society. In these rallies they always take care to highlight the cause for which they decided to conduct this activity. For this purpose they mainly depend on the media news papers to a greater extend. In addition to this they insist the participants to hold either play card or banner to highlight the cause of their activity. In the case of two wheeler rallies they insist the riders to project the cause of their riding on their respective vehicles.

In three wheelers and four wheelers rallies there are enough spaces in the vehicle to for the publicity of the cause. Certain rallies sponsoring by the Cochin clubs are too adventurous since their routs may be either from Kashmir to Kanyakumari or to distant places. All their adventurous rallies are in view to bring fruitful outcome in people’s social life. Nowadays a lot of young men and women come forward to participate in Cochin clubs sponsoring rallies and activities since all their efforts and events are for a common cause and also for the well being of the people.

In addition to these rallies they are also interested in conducting medical camps and useful health programs. In the eye medical camps sponsoring by the Cochin clubs they arrange cataract surgery freely to those people who are found below the poverty line. They also provide suitable spectacles to those people who have undergone cataract surgery. In this way the Cochin clubs are with common men and assist them in all critical problems arising in their life.


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