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Abby Sunderland found alive and well

Updated on June 11, 2010
A picture of Abby Sunderland aboard her damaged sail boat
A picture of Abby Sunderland aboard her damaged sail boat

Abby Sunderland, 16, is alive and well aboard a damaged sail boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean. According to articles the young teen, trying to become the worlds youngest person to sail around the world alone, was approximately 2,000 miles from any land. The 40ft. sail boat suffered a lost mast and rigging after it apparently rolled in "heaving" seas. Apparently no rescue as of yet has been made, though, as her position in the middle of the Indian Ocean is 30 hours away from the nearest ship bound for her rescue, and no helicopters can reach her due to storms. Australian, French and Americans are all racing to the rescue though.

I have to commend the young lady for keeping it together during this time. And also have to wonder if she will keep on with her quest. Though I have to ask: What are the parents of this young girl thinking!? I mean let's start with the fact that she is ONLY 16 years old! What parent in their right mind lets a 16 year old just journey out into the OCEAN alone! These parents need some serious counseling or something! I mean to let their daughter go out and risk her life like this is insane. Anything could happen to this girl out there. Storms or anything! Hence the rescue! Apparently where she is positioned the waves alone are 40ft!

And I'm not saying that her decision to do it is wrong in any way! But for her parents to LET her do it alone is another story all together! I commend her for following her dreams.

Let me know what you think about this young lady and her accomplishments thus far.


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    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 7 years ago from TEXAS

      Yes - one must commend a young person with the drive to "go for it". But those of us who have lived awhile also know that, with that drive, must also be sound judgement and intelligent timing.

      She's not getting her formal education which is usually only available in the years she's out ther battling unbelieveable dangers, mammoth elements of nature and overwhelmng challenges. So her timing is poor.

      Sure, she may love to sail and may have proven to herself she's a pretty good sailor in much more limited circumstances, but to bite off that much in one gulp shows considerable lack of judgment, impatience & sound ability to weight the pros and cons.

      And IF, as it seems the case, she seeks to become an independent person making her own decisions (as you say, obviously she's got her parents buffaloed or else they are immature too, so she may need to grow up beyond her 16 years, but in smarter ways)- then foolhardiness is not the prime mature characteristic needed to launch it. She needs to grow up first and then take her life in her own hands if that's her purpose in life.

      Also, obviously she's not been exposed to the fact (or not enough to cause her to care) that as a woman, she will have the incredible opportunity to bring new people into the world and teach them. As we who've done it know - that demonstrates great courage and drive and has the probability of accomplishing something very worthwhile at the same time. What is accomplished by her sailing off - even if she makes the goal - is highly questionable, if not negative in some ways.

      Anyway - it's not likely to happen that her life will be highlighted by motherhood if she's lost at sea or injured seriously while trying to rush her life too fast and too much.

      As am event to witness via the media, sure - it's exciting for the public. Sure it makes her a "name". Maybe only her proverbial 15 minutes of fame - but she does have that.

      But as an intelligent, whole-person project, it only proves that she's far from "there" yet as a person and at that rate, may not live long enough to reach it.

      Also - it sets a horrid example for her peers, - other young teens already confused enough about how to be, what their bodies look like and even into gettng plastic surgery before their bodies are even fully grown. Some arehaving babies in groups just for the heck of it, no real common sense - and all the rest of the idiocy that we get on the media constantly to make us cringe and wonder how or if humanity can survive this age of silliness. And now perhaps the next generation will swallow the bait this girl has set for them, that to be "with it" they should bite off some outlandish prank - - er challenge - - and risk the huge investment of love and - face it - money that their parents have invested getting them along in life this far! I suppose it's just one more step beyond inhaling gasoline fumes to challenge death.

      As you say - PARENTS need to get real about all this stuff. Those kids don't just decide one day to get a sailboat and take off. That's been building for a long while and the parents were either oblivious to it or condoning it. Ridiculous!

      Thanks for reminding us about this, gqgirl. Very well presented and editorialized!