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Aboriginal Art, Aboriginal Culture, Tours and Adventures - Australia

Updated on November 20, 2016
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John has traveled extensively has developed 5 website guides for touring Australia & Worldwide. John has developed travelers tips & tricks.

Australia's original indigenous inhabitants have a wealth of fascinating culture and heritage that includes of information, art, dreamtime stories, song and dance, and beliefs intimately linked the ancient Australian landscape.

Aboriginal heritage and culture has been creating world-wide interest stimulated by Aboriginal art and rock carvings. You can learn about the culture of various groups and tribes throughout Australia by joining the huge array of Aboriginal tours, eco-tours, cultural trips, adventure holidays and vacations where you can stay in Aboriginal communities. There are a range of accommodation available from camping to 5 Star resorts.

The best way to learn about Aboriginal Culture and Heritage is to meet the Aboriginal people in their traditional land, and to learn from them by listening to their Dreamtime stories, and hearing about their culture and relationship to the land, how they hunted and gathered food, and their fascinating ay of life. 'Word of Mouth' and 'Learning by Doing' is the best way to enjoy this experience.

Walk lightly in my footprints

Explore untouched wild country where the Aboriginals have been living for more than 40,000 years. See beautiful rock paintings and other art in fantastic galleries that show their way of life, their intrinsic link to the land. Learn about their Dreamtime, which is the religious base of the Aboriginal culture that focuses on the links to the ancient Australian landscapes and the unique plants and animals. Visitors of all ages, cultures and backgrounds will be enthralled by these unique experiences.

There is a huge range of activities including landscapes and vegetation, wildlife, photographic expeditions, hunting and food gathering practices, bush tucker collecting and tasting, 4 wheel drive excursion, learning about bush medicine, making bush implements such as baskets, bushwalking, fishing adventures, swimming in beautiful and pristine waterholes, visiting rock art galleries, catching the elusive barramundi, bird watching, wildlife tours, billabong and wetland cruises, crocodile and turtle tours, and discovery learning tours about the fascinating ecosystems. Or you can take a holiday and just relax and relish the calm and solitude of pristine and isolated wilds environments.

People wanting to experience Aboriginal culture for themselves will make the effort to meet the people and join and participate in one of the many Aboriginal travel operations scattered throughout Australia. Few of these are in mainstream tourism areas, and tourist will often have to travel long distances, but it is worth it to benefit from the pristine and remote locations where the activities are based. In many instance the operators will arrange or offer advice on how to get there. Many of the operators will provide accommodation and offer hand-on experiences. You can learn how to throw a spear, hunt while stalking (with a camera) and see fabulous wildlife in their native habitats. You can take tours exploring the fabulous scenery and landscapes. You can learn about traditional Aboriginal hunting and gathering, food preparation, how to identify and prepare bush tucker and avoid the poisonous plants. You can learn the animals were killed prepared for cooking and eaten. You can learn to play Aboriginal instruments such as the didgeridoo and clap sticks, and learn about their songs and dances. You will also learn about the Dreamtime, which consist of a fascinating collection of Aboriginal stories, songs and legends of how their land and all the plants and animals was created. You can join a crocodile, dolphin or turtle cruise and enjoy traditional Aboriginal fishing experiences. You can also join one of many more organised fishing adventures and catch the elusive Barramundi.

Some of the options for these tours and vacation include:

  • Traditional fishing tours and mud crabbing
  • Modern fishing tours for barramundi and mud crabs
  • Wildlife focused tours, barramundi, crocodiles, turtles, manatee, reptiles
  • Cultural community experiences - Live for a day among the community and experience their creative, ceremonial and spiritual life
  • Stunning, educational Aboriginal tours
  • Bushwalking and track tours
  • Aboriginal art, aboriginal carving and Dreamtime destination tours
  • Artifacts and tools - learn how they are made
  • Bush Tucker and Bush medicine tours
  • Adventure Tours
  • Weekend getaways with accommodation and all meals provided
  • Extended holidays and vacations
  • Cruises and boat trips
  • Tours for specialist groups such as photographers, naturalists, bird watchers, wildflower and wildlife locations, artists, plant lovers and special family packages.
  • Music and dance tours and workshops
  • Boomerang throwing and other weapons.
  • Eco-tour charters

© 2010 Dr. John Anderson


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