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About Goole

Updated on March 12, 2015

Interesting Facts About Goole (Town)

Goole (Town In UK)

Goole town in NE England was laid in early 19th century. The earliest date of 1826 marked on the town’s Clock Tower indicates when the place established itself as a town. It happened when a canal joining Leeds with Goole was built. Goole town is located at the confluence of the Don and OuseRivers, about 45 miles (or 72 km) from the North Sea. The town is twinned with Zlatow city of Poland. The article provides this or that interesting fact about Goole town of Britain.

“Goole” is pronounced /gu:l/ and the spelling may sometimes be easily confused with “Google” search engine. Indeed a small British city named “Goole” exists in the East Riding of Yorkshire. The word “goole” is of Anglo-Saxon origin and stands for 'open sewer'. Below we bring to your attention interesting facts about Goole town including historical and technical aspects.



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A markergoole -
Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire DN14, UK
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Market Hall


The "Artificial" Town

An interesting fact about Goole is that it begun when the river Don was rerouted. It is considered to be an “artificial” town as it begun as a port serving the Aire and CalderCanal. Goole is an inland port at some fifty miles off the sea. Most of the territory where Goole stands is on the plain land with lots of willows, canals, windmills, and dykes. Now the 70-thousand acres fertile land initially was boggy. Later villages sprung up and the town developed a decent industrial sector with chemical, paper, engineering and other production. It was engaged in exporting coal to the Continent. Majority of Goole’s population used to make their living by the sea. An interesting fact about Goole is that it is Britain’s farthest inland port with a well developed shipping system. Goole’s engineers used to realize progressive technical projects including those on coal hoists. The railroad laid in the area in the 1900s made the town thrive as a stop on the way to the North Sea. A 830-feet long bridge with the railway connects Goole with Hook town. An interesting fact about Goole is also that its 145-feet high WaterTower is the largest in the U.K. The tower has the capacity of ¾ million gallons. Goole’s canal with its numerous ships, cranes, and masts even today offers classical littoral scenic views.

River Ouse Foot Path


Things to Do in Goole

The town has had an established cultural infrastructure with 2 theatres, 3 cinemas, as well as numerous pubs and parks. There existed the Grammar School and the town had their football club. Although Goole lead quite a vibrant life it remained secluded by the surrounding plains. Some records have it as “the Port in Green Fields”. The town’s historical significance is marked by the battle where Northumbrian King (known as Edwin) was defeated by the King of Mercians in the 7th century A.D. It had its share in the World War II as well. As of the 2000 census the population in Goole was reported below 20 thousand people. The town’s population gradually declines each year as people leave for bigger cities. To wrap up with interesting facts about Goole town we need to say that as most of small towns this one has its wonders and legends that live with it on earth under the Sun.

Goole Whit Monday Walk circa 1960


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    • shai77 profile image

      Chen 5 years ago

      Thank you, LadyBird! I’m glad you enjoyed learning about Goole. It is a really neat place. Thanks again for your kind words and I hope you’ll check out more of my hubs to keep learning fun information! :-)

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 7 years ago from Fabulous USA

      Very interesting. Had no idea about this place. thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading about it.