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Unforgettable & Amazing Experience-Kalsubai Trek 2016 (Video)

Updated on August 5, 2016

Kalsubai Map


Sudden Planning of Kalsubai Trekking and Beginning Story of our Journey

On 17th June, 2016 at 11 pm I got a call from my friend who is an actor and he was taking about trekking near Mumbai and he wanted me to trek with him. We planned for Kalsubai Trek. It sounds a good idea to me and then I packed my bag, took my GoPro and went to his home in Vashi which is a part of Navi Mumbai. I stayed at his home as it was night and we were trying to sleep but we couldn’t. So we decided to leave for kalsubai trekking at 4:30 am from Navi Mumbai. We are total 4 friends and we started our journey on our bikes. We took the Nasik Mumbai highway for going on kalsubai trek and the roads are really smooth and nice and I enjoyed lot on my Yamaha r1 bike. Well, after it we were very close to kalsubai PeakTrek but as we are tired we decide to take rest in a restaurant.


Get a New Friend in Restaurant and Continued our Trekking in Maharashtra

While we were in the restaurant, we saw a guy sitting alone in that restaurant eating his food. So, I talked to him about where he was going and he said that he was going for Kalsubai Peak Trek so I told him to join us on kalsubai trek and he agreed for it and joined us. And we become from four to five and after resting in that restaurant we all moved together on our bikes towards our destination. Besides this, the roads are as usual smooth and beautiful nod with a light rain make our kalsubai trek in monsoon awesome. After some time, we reached a village Bari and we parked our bikes at the house of a local villager as we cannot trek with our bikes. Besides this, we have nothing to eat after trekking so we ordered chicken curry from there for 5 people and paid 1000 rupees.


Continuing our Kalsubai Trek Journey & Dog leads us a way

After we ordered the food, we continued our trekking and moved forward towards Kalsubai. While Kalsubai Trekking, the downside of the Kalsubai is extremely hot and we guys are sweating and really feel very uncomfortable. But after some time as we moved towards the upward, the climate of the Kalsubai becomes cold and wind in the upward area is really soothing and relaxing. Besides this, when we were moving upward, we find a local dog who helped us to find a way to Kalsubai Trek Route. We are amazed by the beauty of Kalsubai and it is extremely a beautiful place and we had seen Kalsubai waterfall and Kalsubai fort while going towards the temple. Besides this, on the way of terrking there are few stalls of nimbu paani is available but we strongly recommend to you that you should carry your own water bottle and energy drinks.


Finally we reach the Kalsubai Peak Trek and it was really adventures

Well, after all these ups and downs we finally reached the kalsubai peak at the top and it is the 'Highest Peak in Maharashtra' (5400ft). It was really an awesome experience and we captured many kalsubai images there as our memory. We enjoyed it though it takes 4 hours to reach there and return back as we were unaware about the Kalsubai difficulty level but in all it was just awesome and refreshing. After we came down we all are very excited about our chicken curry but when we get that we all get disappointed as there was only few chicken pieces in it and the roti was also not fresh. So, from this experience I suggest you to carry your own food or either order only daal chawal as they were fresh. After that we all get tired and hired a farmhouse for sleeping and for that we had to pay 200 per head. After it we all came back home but it was really a good experience and I hope so you will enjoy my kalsubai trek blog.

Watch the Video. Its Awesome !!

Want to ask about the journey ??

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