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About Northern Cyprus Beaches

Updated on February 13, 2014

Beaches in Northern Cyprus – Bringing sparkling joy in your monotonous life

Do you think of an unspoiled retreat, a retreat that oozes strikingly overpowering or charismatic beauty? Do you wish to be in a place which you can call “your place of love”, “your land of wonders”, “your home of splendid and enlivening beauty?” Do you wish to be far and far away from normal hustle and bustle of your city-life? If an answer to the questions stated above is YES then it is time to book your Northern Cyprus holidays. Northern Cyprus - An island which is considered to be the most precious gem of the med region, an island which is renowned to be the best for one and all who are in quest of wonderful holidays.

Breathe in the delicious aroma of the citrus groves, groves which are just bursting with fresh and fresh lemons… Feel the real essence of your holidays here on any of the best beaches which never fail to fascinate anyone…..

Beaches – The Real Soul of The Island

Who doesn’t want to be on any of the beaches where they can enjoy to the max level? Who doesn’t want to swim in crystalline clear waters of the loveliest beaches? If you imagine yourself enjoying your beach holidays then it time now that you shall look forward to spending your holidays here on this island, North Cyprus, because it is this island where you can do whatever that you like to. The real essence of the holidays on the beach can only be felt if only if you spend your time here.

Unforgettably Beautiful

This med-island is loved mostly for its welcoming hospitality. Its intriguing beauty, mixed up with natural and sunny climate all year round make this place an ideal get-away for vacationers who can come here any time of the year to spend their vacation.

If you want to be free from your stressful life then you really can by being here on any of the best beaches. It offers perfect escape from monotonous life. It has coastline which stretches to almost 240 miles. Here, visitors can find most lovely broad bays, picturesque coves (many of them backed by historical beauty and citrus groves). No matter whether you are looking forward to spend your time in swimming in turquoise waters or whether you just would like to lie down under a coconut tree for relaxation, you can select any of the beaches here and fulfill your wishes.

Northern Cyprus Beach

Listen to the calming, most melodious sound of the beach-water waves. Breathe in the aroma of the delicious lime which seems to be floating continuously through air… or be a part of any of the sports such as scuba diving (it is considered to be one of the best diving sites), snorkeling, boating etc.

N C - A Gifted Island

If you are the one who enjoys the sea and the sun then it is time that you shall come here to this island. The beauty here can totally mesmerize you and you will surely feel it difficult to leave from here. The island which Julius Caesar gifted to Cleopatra in expression of love is now the island which you can visit for your holidays or for imbibing the beauty in real sense.

North Cyprus Introduction - Video

Gazimaguza and Girne

The two main beach resorts are Gazimaguza and Girne. They are actually the places where most of the best North Cyprus beaches are present. Girne, one of the most charmingly beautiful towns of the island, is a home to so many beautiful beaches. This town nestled perfectly in between Besparmak (Five Finger Mountain) and the Sea really offers for its visitors a wonderful combination of sandy beaches, concealed coves etc.

Here are many beaches from Mermaid beach to the quietest Lara and Acapulco beaches etc. These can really be an ideal place to enjoy your day and eventually round off with a late afternoon walk through Bellapais Abbey and a late night or candle-light dinner at a terrace restaurant which overlooks the Venetian harbor (crescent shaped) which still is unspoiled. The best beaches in Girne include: Acapulco Beach / Alagadi Beach / Alsancak Beach / Camelot / Deniz Kizi / Escape Beach / Kervansaray Lara Beach / Mare Monte Beach / Sunset Beach / Turtle Beach, Alagadi etc. Golden Sands / Turtle Beach, Karpaz etc are the best in best in Karpaz Peninsula.

Gazimaguza and Girne


Gazimağusa, a beautiful harbor town, is just another fantastic destination which can enthrall you for sure. It is simply perfect for beach holidays. With historical locations in and around most of the beaches here in Gazimaguza, this place just simply looks wonderful. Beaches in Gazimağusa include: Bafra Beach / Bediz Beach / Klapsides / Palm Beach / Silver Beach / Salamis Bay / Venus Beach etc


Water Sports in Northern Cyprus


Water-sports for Travelers

With a large number of sandy, coarse beaches and a spectacularly beautiful and lengthier coastline which stretches for hundreds and hundreds of miles, this island is just perfect for any-time holidays and it is just like a place where you can come to spend your time in the most beautiful way. If you love sea life or sea beach activities then you shall have to visit any of the beaches which are known for exquisite beauty here. The unspoiled coastline and of course, the real warmth of the waters (that rarely drop below 17°C) turn this island into the most ideal location for snorkeling, scuba diving, or for various other water sports.


It can just be safe and marvelously and stunningly exhilarating

Snorkeling can just be wonderful

Snorkeling can just be wonderful - With clear shimmering waters, you get the real feel of what life can be.

Sea-diving – It is just simply a premier destination for deep sea-diving or scuba diving.

Sailing – Sail with real fervor, real heartitude and see what difference can there be in life if you choose to be here all the time.

Windsurfing – Another sea beach activity which can enthrall your senses. You can feel the real beauty of water sports if you take it up and proceed.

Water-skiing – Try water-skiing when you have tried everything else or when you are looking for something extra or something more

Even after all these activities you would like to explore more or you would like to be a part of some other activities too then you choose to go for parasailing or jet skiing. Yes, you can have so many things to do here. Take part in yachting. Here, you can have the chance to be a part of the yacht competitions as well. So, just do not watch, be a part this wonderful activity.

Boat and Yacht Tours - Northern Cyprus Island

Boat Tours and Yacht Tours - An ideal way to explore

Visitors who are coming here shall know this that they can have a wonderful experience of their holidays on the island if only if they explore and see what they shall. Beauty on this island seems to be covered in 100s of curtains. Take yacht tours or boat tours to see what you shall. The two main sailing centers here are Girne and Gazimaguza. The coastline is much more accessible if only if you take a boat tour. You will certainly feel happier to sail through the beautiful but concealed coves, rocky islets, bays etc which are perfectly backed by picturesque forests or clearly med skies.

What European beaches you like most?

What European beaches you like most?

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