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6 Reasons to Stay at a B&B in Victoria, B.C.

Updated on March 1, 2017
Looking out towards Victoria from Fisherman's Wharf
Looking out towards Victoria from Fisherman's Wharf | Source

Where you stay during your vacation can impact your entire trip. These days, there are more than a few options for accommodation-styles that you can choose from. Although a hotel can be an excellent selection, trying out something new like a B&B could be a vacation game-changer. In Victoria B.C., Bed and Breakfasts are the name of the hospitality game, and there are plenty of reasons it should be your next choice for accommodation in the city.

1. Breakfast is Included

Given the name, the inclusion of breakfast comes as no surprise. However, people underestimate how much this can make or break a trip. Having breakfast taken care of with your accommodation not only saves you precious exploration time, but can save you money as well. Not to mention, having a home cooked meal is a great change of pace from eating at restaurants at least three times a day – especially on a longer trip. Choose a B&B with a breakfast that suits your needs; some are even organic and local.

2. Be as Social as you Like

A B&B can be as social or anti-social as you choose. Many bed and breakfasts have charming common rooms where you can spend time with the other guests, or get to know your hospitable hosts. If that’s not quite your cup of tea, you can head straight from your adventure to your room. The experience is much more personable and memorable than your run-of-the-mill hotel greeting and stay.

Overlooking the City from Mount Douglas
Overlooking the City from Mount Douglas | Source

4. Unique Rooms and Houses

Pretty much everyone knows what to expect when picturing a hotel: A tall building with some elevators, a smiling concierge and a room with one or two beds, a window, a desk and the basic amenities. When choosing a B&B however, a whole new experience awaits! In Victoria especially, many of the charming accommodations are located in a stunning heritage home or quaint cottage. Others are in contemporary and urban downtown spaces you’d never expect. Each typically has lovingly decorated rooms that toss the generic hotel feel right out the window.

5. Explore a New Area of the City

Some of Victoria’s B&Bs are located elsewhere from the downtown core. While still within walking distance of the city, you can escape the bustle and explore some of the city’s unique, more residential districts. This changes the pace completely. Not only that, but you’ll be more in tune with the real pace and lifestyle of Victoria’s residents. Because so much of the accommodation and attractions can be found around the Inner Harbour, many tourists miss out on some of the most beautiful areas in the city.

One of Victoria's Beautiful and Unique B&Bs
One of Victoria's Beautiful and Unique B&Bs | Source

6. Home away from Home

A B&B, in the end, is kind of like a home away from home. Common rooms with comfy couches, big yards in residential neighbourhoods, beautiful gardens, unique touches… These are the little aspects that will make you think and feel like Victoria isn’t just your vacation destination; it’s your city.

With so many unique options to fit any desire, you might just be pleasantly surprised by trying out a bed and breakfast. Of course, every trip and traveler is different, but hopefully this helped you determine whether or not a B&B is the right choice for you.

Victoria B.C. is home to many beautiful B&Bs


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