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Beat the Heat in Texas

Updated on May 10, 2013

In Texas, the weather changes at the drop of a cowboy hat (excuse the pun) but especially during the summer.

With triple digit temperatures in the Lone Star State a person learns quickly how to avoid heat stroke and dehydration. Take it from a Texan.

You can't stop having fun just because it is hot outside. There's too much to do.

Here are a few tips for surviving the heat in Texas if you must be outside:

Drink Lots of Water

It's said you should drink 8 glasses of water per day but especially in the summer heat, when you sweat more, you may want to increase your intake. Don't overdo it though.

Carry an Umbrella

No longer used just for protecting you from the rain, a dark umbrella can also help you deflect those nasty sunrays.

Wear a Hat

Believe it or not this simple step can help you to avoid sunburn and headache.

Use Sunscreen

Mama also said use the sunscreen when we'd lounge by the pool all day but now it is recommended to use some sort of sunscreen on a daily basis. You'll find spf protection in everything from sunscreen to make-up to lip balm these days.

Use the Ice Pack for More Than Lunch

Those nifty little square boxes you throw in the freezer the night before you pack your lunch can also be used to cool you down during your daily walk/run. By securing one against your lower back, you may (or may not) notice how much cooler it keeps you.

Exercise Before Sunrise or After Sunset.

Either way try not to workout in the sun or heat of the day. Some people are capable of running at lunch time but I wouldn't recommend anyone running in the heat of the day. I'm not a fitness trainer but I can only assume if your body heat rises during a workout then adding more heat can't be good for you.


Hit the Lake Early

By getting to the lake early (maybe as soon as it opens) you not only avoid the crowds but you also avoid the heat of the day while still enjoying some family time at the lake. Take a canopy in case you plan to stay all day. Find some sort of shade and spend as much time in it as you can.

Take the Kids to the Pool in the Evening

The kids really don't care what time of day they are allowed to hit the pool so waiting until the evening hours won't affect their fun. It'll just help you to avoid those painful sunburns the next day.

Have a good, cool time on the lake in Austin.
Have a good, cool time on the lake in Austin. | Source

Picnic When the Sun Goes Down.

Don't give up your ritual of picnics with the family just consider night time picnics. How relaxing is a picnic under the stars.

Soak Your Bandanna

Bandannas can be used for more than an accessory to your cowboy getup. Ok, let me clear the myth while I'm at it - not everyone in Texas is a cowboy (or girl). Soak your bandanna with cool water and then tie around your head. It really will keep you cooler.

Shade Shade Shade

If you must venture out into the blazing sun, try to stay in the shade. Whether it's walking into the store, taking the kids to the park or even taking the dog out to pee, take advantage of any shade you can find.

Fun on the Water in Austin

Most of the tumbleweed has been pushed out by all the water activities there are to do in Texas. Beat the Texas heat on the local area lakes and water parks. Believe it or not there is jet skiing, tubing, scuba diving and even kayaking in the city and that's just the beginning of all the fun.

Emma Long Park on Lake Travis is one of the locals favorite places to relax on the water in Austin. Located at 1706 City Park Rd, Austin, TX 78730.

Schlitterbaun is located in New Braunfels, just south of Austin, is the best water park.

McKinney Falls is hiking fun just outside of Austin that you has nice relaxing springs and waterfalls that you can cool off in.

Kayaking on Town Lake, also called Lady Bird Lake in Downtown Austin, is a great daytime activity but there are also boat rides on the lake that allow you to watch the sunset and enjoy a nice dinner.

Take a leisurely float down the Guadalupe River just south of Austin, Texas.

Learn to scuba dive on Lake Travis with Deep Blue Scuba.

Volente Beach is Austin's very own water park located at 16107 Farm to Market 2769 Volente, TX 78641 and you can call them with additional questions. (512) 258-5110

Rent a jet ski on Lake Travis.

Krause Springs is located just outside of Austin in Spicewood. Krause Springs is the perfect destination for fun on the water. 404 Krause Spring Rd. Spicewood, TX 78669

Barton Springs, located in Zilker Park and is known as the fourth largest spring in Texas. Main Barton Spring flows into the manmade pool of Barton Creek Pool. Parthenia is the Main Barton Spring then there are Eliza, Old Mill and Upper Barton Spring that make up the rest of Barton Springs. 2201 Barton Springs Rd. Austin, TX 78746.

Enjoy Texas!

Life doesn't end because it's getting so hot outside, just make sure you're making your life easier by using techniques that help you avoid the heat.

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