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Things to do in Frankenmuth, Michigan

Updated on December 30, 2013

Things to do in Frankenmuth

Frankenmuth is a city in Saginaw County in the State of Michigan. Whether it is a day trip or a weekend trip with family and friends, Frankenmuth is a great destination to recharge and refresh. Bronner's christmas Wonderland, the world's largest Christmas store, is located in Frankenmuth. The most popular nickname is the muth, but the city is also nicknamed little bavaria. Here are some fun things to do in Frankenmuth - feel free to add your own to the list in the comments section below.

World's largest Christmas store - Bronner's Christmas wonderland
World's largest Christmas store - Bronner's Christmas wonderland

Frankenmuth Attractions

1. Bronner's Christmas wonderland: Bronner's christmas wonderland is the worlds's largest Christmas store. Christmas Wonderland celebrates Christmas all year and attracts about 2 million visitors every year. You can get all kinds of Christmas decorations such as ornaments, artificial Christmas trees, Christmas lights, Christmas collectibles, and more. The store is decorated with thousands of twinkling lights and shimmering ornaments. The store is larger than the size of a football field and makes it on the list of things to do in Frankenmuth.

2. Bavarian Festival: Another top Frankenmuth attraction is the Bavarian festival - sing and dance to Bavarian music played by colorful, costumed German bands. Perfect opportunity to taste the Bavarian food, home made pretzels and barbeque chicken.

3. Chateau de leelanau vineyard and winery: The winery consists of a 5,000 square foot building, and fully equipped with modern efficient processing equipment to handle all processing from grape receiving to bottling. The vineyard has 27 acres in full production. You can enjoy the glassware, gift baskets and wine accessories. Free tastings available and makes it on the list of things to do in Frankenmuth.

Bavarian Belle riverboat
Bavarian Belle riverboat

More Things to do in Frankenmuth

4. Bavarian Belle riverboat: You can enjoy the cruise abroad the Bavarian Belle riverboat. This paddle riverboat takes you on a tour of the cass river. The tour is about 1 hour with an historical narration as you enjoy the ride on this 150 passenger, authentic paddlewheel vessel.

5. Frakenmuth river place: There are 30 shops and attractions in Frankenmuth riverplace. Attractions including Michigan's largest bead store, custom made purses, mirror maze, clothing and more. Mirror maze and the laser race are fun things to do in Frankenmuth with kids.

6. Fantasy horse carriage: Enjoy a horse drawn carriage ride through the streets of Frankenmuth. Tours include historic sites and main street attractions.


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    • profile image

      Gods Garden 8 years ago

      Ummmmmmmm that Chicken the best!! And Don't forget the Silent Night Chapel!!!

    • chicamom85 profile image

      chicamom85 8 years ago

      I can smell the chicken dinner at Zendhers already.

      Nice piece.