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Activities to do in Nepal for Adventure Lovers

Updated on July 19, 2017

If adventure travel is what you love to do, then Nepal is your place! This Himalayan land has a great many adventure sports activities to undertake and enjoy. So, don’t think twice, and start planning your trip for this amazingly adventurous place.

Want to know what’s there for you? Read this article till the end to find out.

1 Trekking
Based in the Himalayas, Nepal is said to have the highest mountain in the world. These Himalayan Mountains’ presence makes Nepal a favoured choice for most mountaineers and trekkers from all over the world. There are two popular treks here – the Annapurna Circuit and the Everest Base Camp. Don’t forget to carry your camera with you, because as you trek, you’ll find beautiful trails worth capturing.

2 Mountaineering
For the people who love to take new challenges, mountaineering is a great sport. You can take help from many experienced guides there, who’ll guide you around the famous trekking peaks and also tell you the essentials of mountaineering if you are a first-timer. And as you climb up the top, you’ll get to enjoy some really amazing views.

3. White-water Rafting
In the flowing river waters of Nepal, you get to do some fun filled water rafting. There are many single-day and multiple trips available, so you can take your pick and head for this sport. The varied grades on the way will leave you screaming, laughing and wanting more and more as you go along the rapids. So, this definitely has to be a ‘must experience’ thing on your list.

4. Canyoning
If you love the water, then it’s your chance to express that to the fullest, here in Nepal. Now that you’ll be rafting, so why not add canyoning in your list too? Jalibire Canyon is a great place in Nepal for Canyoning. Enjoy those high repelling at the waterfalls, go down the water slides and plunge your way to the waterfall. You might feel scared to do this at first, but don't worry; with proper guidance and the little bit of training, you’ll be able to make it and have a great time of your life.

5. Thermal Paragliding
Pokhara in Nepal is quite popular for its thermal paragliding, which is a heavenly experience. Gliding high over the Sarangkot hills is an adventure that you would definitely don’t want to miss. From the top, you get to see an incredibly amazing and picturesque view of the Himalayan Mountains. The enraptured beauty that you witness is just inexplicable! Wish to add some more pinch of adventure? Ask the pilot to do a few acro-moves and see what it does to your stomach. It’s indeed so much fun!

6. Mountain Biking
At Pokhara, you can indulge in another amazing sport – Mountain biking. Discover the magnificent surroundings as you go biking your way up the mountains. You can take a guide along with you or seek help from the local bike shops; they’ll give you some direction into how to bike safely. Mountain biking can also be done in Kathmandu. You can visit the local bike shops there and know about many other interesting biking activities.

7. Jungle Safaris
People generally think that Nepal is all about the Himalayas, Mountains and snow. But that’s not so. Nepal also has some beautiful jungles. Other than the mountainous area, there’s a flat region to the country of Nepal as well, which has the Chitwan National Park. This national park makes for one of its kind jungle adventures. You can enjoy jungle safari on an elephant or can even take a jeep ride. Over there, you get to see the One Horned Rhinoceros and the Royal Bengal Tiger. Almost all the guesthouses and hotels at Chitwan organize safaris, so you can ask for the same when you reach there.

8. Bungee Jumping
Nepal is one the ultimate places to do bungee jumping in the world. It’s a thrilling experience in itself to jump from the height of 160 meters down the Bhote Koshi river. The jump masters there are well trained in this adventure sport and guarantee complete security against any kind of mishap.

So, all pumped up for this great escape? Well, Nepal might be a small neighboring country to India, but the world class adventurous experience that it offers surely makes it bigger!


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    • christinawunch profile image

      Christina Wunch 7 months ago from sanfrancisco

      Thanks Cofeequeen, I also would like to tell you about Jungle Safari in Nepal, there is Chitwan National Park that provide you the opportunity to have a decent interaction with nature. Visit here to know about travel packages -

      Thanks for your time!


    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 7 months ago from Norfolk, England

      I'd love to visit Nepal. I'm not so sure about mountain biking or bungee jumping, but I'd love to go on a jungle safari. Nepal is a lovely country.