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Everything You Want to Know About Ada Oklahoma

Updated on March 3, 2010

A Simple To Use Page For Finding Anything You Want To Know About Ada Oklahoma

Everything worth knowing about Ada Oklahoma should be findable from this page. Ada, OK. is an amazing place with over a hundred years of history, and has even made international news on occasion. If you ever need information about Ada do yourself a favor and bookmark or favorite this page in your browser.

A moment ago I entered "Ada Oklahoma" in quotes in Google search and this was what the results bar said about how many web pages had that exact phrase: Results 1 - 10 of about 143,000 for "Ada Oklahoma". Who wants to sort through 143,000 pages? Especially since the biggest bunch of those probably won't satisfy what you're searching for.

Skip that, use this page to fast forward in your search about Ada, Things to do, places to see, and provide you quick links to access for everything from maps to newspapers, real estate, community news., history, businesses, weather etc.

Rather than you searching through 143,000 web pages use this simplified, organized resource center for finding the useful, meaningful and interesting stuff about Ada Oklahoma.

Photo is a common view for Ada citizens from Wintersmith Park in Ada OK.

Other Ada Oklahoma Websights

Simplifying Your Ada Information Finding

The City of Ada's WebsiteWikipedia article about Ada Oklahoma with history, demographics and moreAda Evening News (internet version of the local newspaper)East Central UniversityOklahoma Weather Related School ClosingsAda White Pages Phone Book

New Historical Novel out by Local Area Author

(Holdenville is Close Enough To Ada We're Still Proud)

HOLDENVILLE - This week, Oklahoma author Charles W. Leewright celebrates the nationwide release of his new novel, "Rayben," inspired by hardships that were quite common in Kansas and Missouri during the early 1860s.(Ada Evening News)

North Hills 6 Ada Movie Theater

Click Here for Now Showing

Have You Seen The Green Frog?
Have You Seen The Green Frog?

The Green Frog

A True Ada Resident Knows About "Frog Rock"

Out on Lighting Ridge Road, a couple miles south of Ada towards Roff, going west on Lightning Ridge Road you'll be able to see this local treasure. I've read different accounts of its age but it has been there at least half a century and even serves as a landmark to the locals ("just a ways before you get to or just not far past the Green Frog"). Every time I've asked into who is it that keeps it repainted, it seems to be just one of those mysteries, though I'm sure someone knows...and whoever it is, Thanks! I was just driving through the country one day years ago and had to double take the first time I saw that giant green frog rock. I still get a kick out of it, just a little local flavor.

The Glenwood Park Rocket Kids Remember For Life
The Glenwood Park Rocket Kids Remember For Life

Activities and Adventures in Ada Oklahoma

Things to Do and Places to Go

If you're reading these words...It is because this part isn't complete yet...but there is much that will be listed here soon...THINGS TO DO IN ADA, partial list: an awesome park for walking & enjoying nature, a miniature golf course (when open) a library, tennis courts, the college has an awesome gym & rec room the community can use, a college and vo-tech for the studious, swimming pools, horseshoe pits, golf course, fishing, theater, occasional plays, football games & basketball both HS and college,rodeos, livestock shows, annual fair, multiple parks, basketball courts, little league baseball, scouts, bookstore, excellent eating places,skating, bowling, arcade, casinos, plenty of yard sales, check the ECU link above for activities,& some of the greatest people on we don't have a log ride or super roller coaster....

Places to Eat in Ada, Oklahoma

And Places You Might Want to Skip

The information included here is based on my opinion, and it isn't based on financial gain. Unless you don't mind wasting money, I would stay away from "La Fiesta" on Mississippi when you're in the mood for Mexican food. The food is satisfactory but I told them the last time there that "No mas"/no more. A side order of rice and beans and a small margarita was over $10 at the register. The $1.99 for margarita sign "all day" for some reason didn't apply and nobody interacting with the customers spoke English well enough to explain why. The bill had $2.00 tacked on for "chips" because an order of rice and an order of beans didn't satisfy what their fine print meant by "entrée". It didn't matter that I didn't order the chips...they bring them to you when you order your drink. So for over $10 I had an economy meal of beans and rice and one small drink. I told the guy as I was leaving the problem and that I wouldn't be back. Smiling and nodding as if he understood me, he handed me my change. My advice for Mexican food would be either Polo's or Los Dos Amigos...unless money doesn't matter.

On the other-hand if you are looking for some excellent pizza...try Papa Gjorgjo's / Papa Giorgio's (I've seen it listed both ways). An extra large pizza that was absolutely fantastic cost me barely over $15 and would have fed 4 adults. (Jan 2010 price). They have a place on main street and opened a second place at the North end of Mississippi. I've also had their Lasagna and several different Italian food meals there. The setting, the price, everything was superb.

Hamburgers? If you can get there when there is an opening there is a small old time place on Main street called "Folgers" that has taken top place in Ada for years. You'll feel like you've stepped back into the 1960s...and the hamburger is delicious. Another place people might not suspect is on 12th street called "Double Dip" 400 West 12th Street Ada, OK. Fast, Very Economical, and everything you'd want in a hamburger. The place doesn't rate too highly in outward appearance but it makes up for it in taste and bargain.

Ada Oklahoma Has Made it to Book Status Often


The new one isn't actually about is a new release by a man near the Ada Area talked about in THIS ARTICLE of the Ada Evening News.

The Innocent Man
The Innocent Man

Grisham's first work of nonfiction focuses on the tragedy of Ron Williamson, a baseball hero from a small town in Oklahoma who winds up a dissolute, mentally unstable Major League washout railroaded onto death row for a hometown rape and murder he did not commit. Judging by this author-approved abridgment, Grisham has chosen to present Williamson's painful story (and that of his equally innocent "co-conspirator," Dennis Fritz) as straightforward journalism,

The Dreams of Ada
The Dreams of Ada

This is a focused glimpse of the criminal justice system, a journalistic study of the disappearance of a young woman in Ada, Oklahoma, and the subsequent arrest and trial of two men suspected of kidnapping, raping, and murdering her. A jury convicted the two men without any eye witnesses, and without a body, a murder weapon, or the implicated vehicle. Mayer looks inside the various elements of the system law enforcement, the work of the district attorneys and defense lawyers, and the responsibilities of the judge and the jury and reveals how this system, and an obsessed and overly zealous public, can lead to injustice.

Journey Toward Justice
Journey Toward Justice

"The story of the unwarranted prosecution and wrongful conviction of Dennis Fritz is compelling and fascinating. After serving eleven years for a murder he did not commit, Dennis was exonerated and had the strength and courage to put his life back together." Ã-John Grisham


Ada Oklahoma Quick Find Phone Numbers

A Few Handy Phone Numbers For Your Fridge

Ada City Hall 580-436-6300

Ada Landfill 580-436-1403

Ada Police Department 580-332-4466

Papa Gjorgjo (Italian food and Pizza)580-272-0000

Walmart Pharmacy 580-332-4755

Valley View Regional Hospital 580-332-2323

Carl Albert Indian Health System 580-436-3980

Carl Albert Family Practice Center 580-421-6260

Call a ride public transit 580-332-2400

Pontotoc County Sheriff's office 580-332-4168

Oklahoma Highway Patrol (non emergency) 405-425-2424

Biofeedback & Counseling Inc 580-436-7120

OG&E Report Power Outage 1-800-522-6870

OG&E Customer Service 1-800-272-9741

PEC -(Electric company) 580-332-3031

Centerpoint Energy 1-866-275-5265

Dicus Thrifty Wise Pharmacy 580-332-8888

Dominoes Pizza 580-436-5361

Cable One 580-332-8333

My apologies for all those not listed above, the more commonly requested ones I'll be glad to list, it is intended to be short and not in alphabetical order at this time.

This is an ongoing work in progress intended for anyone who has an interest in Ada, Oklahoma. My goal is to make it useful and informative. Your comments good, bad, or suggestions are encouraged. If you like the site feel free to click on the star rating at the top. Thanks for visiting the site, I hope it will serve you well.

What Do You Love About Ada Oklahoma? - Or Comments? Or Suggestions?

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    • profile image

      another person 

      3 years ago

      Im sorry but i agree w the ones who say the people in ada are rude. Etc...there is nothing to do here for kids and what they do have is closed on weekends and closes early on week days,..and yes if you dont have family here u are left out...ive been here for 3-4 years and its too much..if i could move i would..they dont even keep the city pools open for the whole summer, the kids start school in august so they close them,,,souch or weekend swim. No decent shopping. No olive lousy walmart

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      @anonymous: Don't be stupid Kevin. Anyone is entitled to their opinion. Mine is that you suck and so does ada :)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I was down in Ada about 10 years ago and The people really aren't that unfriendly i can say there driving is alittle off but show me a place that isn't. There wasn't much to do there then but we managed to have fun.I often think about Ada and I think it is a tight knit family town but I have been places way worse then there.I loved it there and the friends I did make there I miss so much. It isn't a city but they could do more for it but that takes change and sometimes people in a town don't care for change simple as that. So you can do only one thing leave if your not happy there but people are the same no matter where you go!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I agree with "tsmart" (and more!). I'd be out of here if the real estate economy wasn't so bad right now. I was warned by many friends in other rural Oklahoma counties I've lived in not to move to the Ada/Pontotoc County area due to the people here ... I didn't believe them. Is beautiful here, but the people are rude, superficial, unfriendly, clicky, arrogant, insecure, and the list goes on, A smile and a "hi" (nothing beyond that) shouldn't be mistaken for being welcoming. It's only superficial southern politeness ... It ends there. Sad, but the people here wil never let the area reach it's full potential (only for themselves and their fa,iliea, to the exclusion of anyone else). The clannish, clicky class socieities here are a joke, too. Yup, there are a few thinga to do hee, but good luck having anyone to do them with unless you have family here or bring family with you. All others are excluded. I'll be out of here as soon as this terrible real estate market improves a little ... Will bemoving back to nice, friendly rural area of Oklahoma.whee I have many wonderful friends ... Don't worry, I won't let the door hit me in the butt .. And I'm never coming back here once I escape it!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      @anonymous: Other than the comment about the terrible drivers and the rude people, I thought it was pretty spot on. A friend of mine lives in Ada, and I've visited a number of times...going out to eat is about it. I'm here now and would love a suggestion...

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      @tsmart: Then leave, go back to California or Texas thanks for your honest opinion if you hate it so much then goodbye.

    • tsmart profile image


      6 years ago

      Don't mean to burst anyones bubble... but I live here, my husband and I have been here for almost 4 years. Although we have met some very nice people this town is very crowded with TERRIBLE drivers and rude people. There isn't much to do here for young or middle aged people. There is one small theater and a selection of Walmart to shop from. We have recently got a few new shops like Rue 21. Quizno's came and was gone in a year, and they have closed down our starbucks. Basically all there is to do here is go out to eat, with several places to choose from. Any time we want to do something fun we go an hour and a half to the city (OKC). I am from California and my husband is from Texas. We both grew up completely differently in different types of towns, but neither of us want to stay in Ada OK for the rest of our lives. I'm not trying to be rude here I'm just trying to give an honest opinion. I would never come here on vacation for sure!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I am looking forward to have a vacation to Ada... our family been planning about a vacation... I guess this is a great guide for us.

    • Okeerlee LM profile imageAUTHOR

      Okeerlee LM 

      8 years ago

      @SusanDeppner: Thanks is a very nice town, I'm anxious to get a chance to add more so the rest of the world can see that too.

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 

      8 years ago from Arkansas USA

      I haven't been to Ada, though I live about four hours away. Nice job featuring what appears to be a very nice town!


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