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Adelaide: The Botanic Garden

Updated on December 18, 2016

The Botanic Garden

Opening Times:

Mon - Fri: From 7.15am

Sat & Sun: From 9am


North Terrace

Adelaide, SA 5000


Phone: (618) 8222 9311


Type of Attraction: Botanic Park

Situated in Adelaide’s city-centre; the Botanic Garden is one of South Australia’s most coveted tourist attractions. The vast 20 hectare Garden is composed of artificial lakes, a rose garden and other marvellous draws like the high-tech Bicentennial Conservatory. You’ll often find visitors easing up amidst the lush subtropical environment.

Inspired by the Royal English Gardens at Kew and French Gardens at Versailles, it was opened in1857. Ever since, the Botanic Garden receives a steady count of 1.3 million visitors each year. The Garden is speckled with special events and festivals throughout the year.

One of the Botanic Gardens’ chief attractions is the world’s one and only true-bred Wollemi Pine trees. The well-designed Palm House is the sole Victorian glasshouse in all of Australia, housing Madagascan flora. Contrastingly, indigenous tropical rainforest plants of northern Australia, the Pacific islands and Asia are contained in the ultramodern Bicentennial Conservatory. You’ll find sculptures round every corner of the Garden as well. There is also a café inside the gardens, offering refreshments.

With an array of attractions, which includes the delightful Botanic Park, the International Rose Garden, the brilliant Bicentennial Conservatory, the reminiscent Palm House and the Museum of Economic Botany, the Botanic Garden is easily one of the most popular tourist sites of Adelaide. It can be either an idyllic setting for couples or a place where you can visit with your entire family.

Adelaide Zoo

Opening Times:

Mon - Fri: 9.30 to 5pm

Sat: 9.30 to 5pm

Sun: 9.30 to 5pm


Frome Rd,

Adelaide 5000


Phone: 61 8 8267 3255


Type of Attraction: Zoo

Sprawled across eight hectares, the Zoological Gardens of Adelaide displays a variety of magnificent animals. The Zoo encompasses thousands of animal species, native mammals, birds, and exotic birds, reptiles and fish. It’s also a symbol of South Australia's unique heritage and social history.

The zoo was first opened on 23 May 1883.Although founded by the South Australian Acclimatization and Zoological Society Adelaide Zoo, it’s now owned by the Royal Zoological Society of South Australia. The primary agenda of Adelaide zoo has been to showcase and conserve endangered and rare animals from continents which made up the erstwhile super continent Gondwana- South America, India, Africa, Australia and South East Asia. You’ll find striking similarities between the species, both zoologically and botanically.

The Adelaide Zoo is also Australia’s second oldest zoo. You’ll find the original architectural features among its confines, which the zoo has retained. The zoo is also a botanic garden, and the magnificent landscaping is the result of more than 125 years of care and attention.

The main exhibits of Adelaide Zoo comprise of South East Asian Rainforest, Australian Rainforest Wetlands, the Seal Bay, a vibrant aviary, themes such as Africa, South America and India. You’ll also find a Nocturnal House and a Reptile House within the zoo’s premises.

Central Market

Opening Times:

Tuesdays to Fridays 8:30am-7:30pm

Saturdays – 10am to 5pm

Sundays – 1pm to 5pm


Gouger Street,

Adelaide, Australia

Phone: +61 (0)8 8203 7494


Type of Attraction: Supermarket

Celebrating its 150th year, the Central Market, Adelaide's leading retail market is vibrant with sounds, colours and wondrous smells It has a weekly footfall of 150,000, who arrive for getting a share of fresh local vegetables, fruits and gastronomic delights.

Situated in Gouger Street, Central market dates back to 1869, when the site was established as forum for growers and wholesalers to sell directly to the public. One of South Australia’s largest retail produce market numbering over 80 stallholders, bringing you everything from fruit and vegetables, meat and poultry, seafood, gourmet, cheeses and cakes . Most of the fresh fruit and vegetables are propagated within a short distance of the Market.

You’ll find a variety of gourmet specialities in Central Market, some of them introduced by Australian immigrants. In fact, the multicultural background of the stall owners is one of Adelaide Central Market’s highlight. The diverse cuisines include Italian, Lebanese, Japanese and German. You’ll also find some suave cafes around the market. The confines of Central Market accommodate bakeries, cheese specialists, gourmets and continental stalls, among others. Visitors often find the Market’s famed specialities at Lucia's or at the Malacca Corner delectable.

In addition, there are stalls selling non-edible merchandise like ornaments and stationary items. With a choice of entertainment for children, the “Coles” supermarket situated near the Central Market, wine stores and bookstalls, there is never a dull moment for any visitor in Adelaide’s Central Market.

The Adelaide Oval

Opening Times:

Mon - Fri: 10am


War Memorial Dr Adelaide 5006


Phone: 61 8 8300 3800


Type of Attraction: Arena/stadium/field

Flanked by North Adelaide and the central business district, with St Peter's Cathedral and the and Moreton Bay fig trees as the backdrop, the Adelaide Oval stands like a majestic structure in the Adelaide landscape. It’s among the most scenic cricket grounds in the world, also the home ground of the West End Redbacks - South Australia's cricket team.

It was established in 1871, after the formation of the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA).The Adelaide Oval can contain a capacity of 34,000 spectators. Primarily, it has 3 grandstands; the Bradman Stand, named after Adelaide's famous batsman, widely regarded as the greatest. Also included are the Western Wing and the Chappell Stands. In front of the stands and all around the Oval, you’ll find plastic seating.

In 2003, the Adelaide Oval added two new stands. Besides cricket, football and rugby are also played in the grounds. It’s also the venue for live concerts. It’s a very popular destination among tourists as they find the picturesque grounds breathtaking. Tours are organised from Monday to Friday, on non-match days only.

With a range of attractions such as the Sir Donald Bradman Stand, the graceful Edwardian scoreboard, , Bradman Room, the elegant Dressing Room, the stylish Favell-Dansie Indoor Centre and the Victor Richardson and Clarrie Grimett Gates, the Adelaide Oval is a place worth a hundred visits.

The Rundle Mall

Opening Times:

Monday-Thursday 10am to 5pm,

Friday 10am to 8pm

9am to 5pm Saturday

11am to 5pm Sunday.


Rundle St btw,

King William St and Pulteney St Adelaide,


Phone: 8203 7611


Type of Attraction: Plaza

Set adjacent to Grenfell Street and North Terrace, the Rundle Mall throbs with shoppers and visitors from all around the globe. It’s generally considered as the Adelaide’s apex shopping mall, containing in excess of 600 retail stores, three major department stores and more than a dozen arcades.

The Rundle Mall was established in 1976, at that time it was also the only pedestrian street mall in Australia. Besides shopping, the Rundle Mall also hosts performances, promotional events and fashion shows.

Of particular interest are the malls archaic buildings, such as the Beehive corner, dating back to the 19th century. Other contemporary sculptures and designs like the popular Bert Flugelman's Spheres (also called the Mall's Balls) and the four adorable bronze pigs abound its premises. You also might come across lively street performers in the mall.

In the shopping department, there’s a wide spectrum of Australian name brands to choose from, starting with David Jones, Harris Scarfe to Rebel Sport and Myer.

You’ll find shoppers loosening up in cafes or bars scattered around the Rundle Mall. The Rundle Mall is also within reach of popular restaurants, museums and art galleries. In short, the Rundle Mall offers visitors a complete entertainment experience.


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