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Adventure Travel Destinations Marketing & Advertising

Updated on March 19, 2013

Video on Adventure Travel Tours and Destinations

Adventure Travel Destinations Marketing Launched

We build this site for Adventure Travel Suppliers including local Car Rental Companies, Adventure Activities, Destination Hotels and Resorts.Tourism suppliers can access the affiliate and travel marketing/advertising pages directly and add links and special promotions

The site gives travelers a unique opportunity to get best deals and specials direct from adventure travel supplier in the destination. Travelers like to deal direct with local hotels and operators. They expect better service, more flexibility in upgrades and changes and a fair rate when booking direct. The site promotes Best Rates and special privileges available to travelers who book direct on direct booking networks. The site has several components including blogs and a friends mingle where adventure travelers can share experiences, reviews and rants.

The vacation-specials pages is a short list of travel experts top selections of adventure holidays specials and packages from around the world.

In the Destination Guide pages adventure packages and adventure holiday specials are group by geographical regions. Travel experts selections for the top adventure destination packages for each region.

The focus of the site is to offer travelers the best rates for booking direct with local destination experts adventure companies, activities companies and destination hotels. The adventures packages can include unique and little know expeditions, adventures, tours and activities that may only be available when dealing directly with the local adventure companies.

When a adventure travel destination does not have a full complement of direct booking packages, the best packages are selected from associated independent adventure travel agents and adventure travel tour companies.

Adventure Travel Destinations is part of a Tourism Marketing network for Direct Travel shopping. Hotels, tourism operators and Destinations may advertise their Travel Specials in 100’s of sites and affiliated Channels including many specialized niche marketing sites similar to Adventure Travel Destinations. In addition the network includes mobile applications, Smartphone websites, Web2.0 sites, Social Media, Facebook, Video Blogging, Travel Blogging and Publishing, Google Shopping and leading Direct Travel Shopping Channels.

For the Hotel and Tourism Operators the Network offers full online Bookings options as well as traditional advertising and promotions on 100’s of sites visited by 1000’s of travelers. There are no transaction fees or commission on direct sales, suppliers pay a small subscription fee.

Many Hotels, Car rental Companies, Restaurants and Activities using this service report an average Cost Per Click (a visitor who clicks to their site) of under 20 cent, a fraction of traditional advertising.


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