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Adventures of an Aussie English Teacher Week Four

Updated on March 27, 2010

Ducks' Tongues anyone?

The adventure continues

After the robbery on the Friday night and the mountain climbing on the Saturday, we tried to rest a bit on Sunday.

On Monday we headed off to the bank - to see about getting a new card for the robbery victim, and getting some 50RMB from my old account transferred to my new account. (I had asked to keep my old account, but it had to change, so I was told.)

We filled in papers, we watched as our interpreter shouted at bank staff, and we left with nothing. It takes 7 days before you can get a new card, and despite acknowleding that it was indeed my friend's account, they would not let her take any money from it. And they refused to transfer my funds because I did not have my passport with me. (I was actually still in the hands of the PSB - government),

However, we found our way back to school, despite not finding a bus as the bus route had changed due to roadworks. Of course there are notices everywhere - in Chinese - but we have not idea what is going on, and our interpreter was "lacking" and not very helpful.

College life continued and I struggled with the students (or perhaps they struggled) and the concept of writing in a sequence. First we did that, then we did something else, and next something else happened, and finally ........

It was hard going.

On Tueday night I did my regular beat out at Keqiao, at one of the schools there. The students did not turn up, so I did "free talk" with a guy who was a graduate of Yuexiu university, and we had quite a lot of fun talking. Then I had to rush in the pouring rain from one college to another which was quite some distance. I arrived looking like I had survived a drowning attempt!!!

Still the class was good - and we managed to progress well through the work.

And I arrived back at the campus around 9.30 pm.

On Wednesday we had a staff meeting - which was most impressive and we managed to make some progress in dealing with some issues. Then they took us to dinner at the school teachers canteen, which is near our apartments. Great food, lots of Shaoxing wine, and a lot of fun! Dinners start early here, and I was back in my apartment before 8 pm.

The food was great - though I'll take a miss on duck's tongues in future. There is nothing to eat on them - just suck for a sweet duck flavour.

It was on Wednesday that one of my students invited me to go to Houshan Mountain, which is famous for peach blossoms, which are supposed to be in their prime at the moment. So we had some tooing and froing, phone calls, etc, to arrange a visit to this place on Saturday.

On Thursday it was my big day - 6 lessons, and quite a lot of challenges. I confiscated several mobile phones, and sent a student out of class and I am currently negotiating with the hierarchy over this student. Can't work out if he is daft or lazy!

Really it was a full week, and the next week will also be busy!!!!


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    • profile image

      peter petterson 

      8 years ago

      You are having a busy, but good time I suspect.



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