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Aeroport Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport in Montreal

Updated on November 10, 2011

Montreal, Canada is a wonderful cosmopolitan city with a European flair. Founded in 1642, Montreal is one of Canada's largest and most vibrant cities. When traveling to Montreal by air, the best way to arrive is via the Aeroport Pierre Elliot Trudeau (Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport).

The Montreal Airport airport was originally named "Montréal-Dorval International Airport", but was renamed in 2004 to honor the legendary Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau 2004.

KLM 1 800 255-2525

Lufthansa 1 800 563-5954

Porter Airlines 1 888 619-8622

Swiss Airlines 1 877 359-7947

United Airlines 1 800 241-6522

WestJet Airlines 1 888 937-8538

Airlines Operating out of Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport...

The following are some of the larger airlines which operate out of Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport:

Air Algerie - 1 888 905-0148

Air Canada - 1 888 247-2262

Air France - 1 800 667-2747

Air Transat - 1 877-872-6728

American Airlines 1 800 433-7300

British Airlines 1 800 247-9297

Continental Airlines 1 800 231-0826

Delta 1 800 361-1970

Former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Flag of the City of Montreal

Hotels located near Montreal's Pierre Eilliot Trudeau International Airport

A modern and functional complex, Aeroport Pierre Elliott Trudeau is close to a wide variety of hotels, ranging from upscale to budget. Make sure you research Montreal hotel packages before your book your trip, especially if you are coming to Montreal during one of the busier times of the year (such as during the holding of the yearly Formula 1 race). The Trudeau airport is also about a 30 minute cab ride to downtown Montreal. If you are planning on coming to Montreal for a special event, such as the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, make sure you buy tickets online in advance so that you are not disappointed upon arrival.

You Tube Video Overview on Montreal


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    • profile image

      Alex 6 years ago

      And here is how to get from the airport to downtown with just 3$:

    • profile image

      Arti Sood 6 years ago

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      moriah2472 6 years ago

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    • lightning john profile image

      lightning john 7 years ago from Florida

      I've never been to Montreal, I have heard that it's pretty cool! Perhaps one day we shall check it out.

      Thanks for the information. Good weekend!

    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 7 years ago from Upstate New York

      I don't need to fly to Canada, I'm so close I can drive, otherwise I'd try this airport. Interesting hub!

    • gusripper profile image

      gusripper 7 years ago

      Very good.I hope some day i make it and travel Canada and Usa.