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Africa Business Ports

Updated on November 16, 2010

Majors Ports of Africa Includes

Africa is one of the continents with so many ports that have contributed to its growth. Ports are the major business terminal where offloading and loading of both heavy and light goods take place every day, and without ports,  movement of goods such heavy machines like vehicles and other commercial goods would have been limited.

Other than aiding movement of goods across the continent, African ports have provided source of employment for both skilled and unskilled labour. With some of the best and deep ports many ships have found it easy to dock without any challenge so far.

Greatest Challenge facing the Indian Ocean Ports

Pirates in the horn of Africa and Somalia in particular have caused some major challenges to the Indian Ocean waters, Ships are being seized on a monthly basis with pirates demanding ransom amounting to millions of dollars, Ship owners are forced to negotiate with pirates for the crews and ship to be set free, this vise have impacted negatively on Africa ports and business in general

Port of Mombasa

Port of Mombasa

Initially known as Port Florence, but after independence it was renamed Mombasa Port and is one of the deepest port in the world and many ship are docking at the port every week. Major East and Central African countries rely on Mombasa port for their major goods being imported and exported to other countries. Mombasa port is the hardest hit by the pirate’s activities targeting incoming goods

Port of Richards Bay

This is one of the many ports in South African located  about 160 km north east of Durban handling commercial cargo, this is a deep water port with channel depth of 22 meters and berth of 12,8 to 20,0 meters

Port of Durban

South Africa Durban port has 57 berths and oversees more than 4000 commercials vessels each year. The port is one of the busiest on the African continent and container handling capacity. It has a depth of 12.8 m from chart Datum, and a width of 122m between the caissons.

Other South Africa ports includes Port of East London with a total of 12 commercials berths and one repay quay, Port of Elizabeth which is the fifth largest in the Country and importing commercials motor vehicles, Port of Mossel Bay which is the only port that operates two offshore moring points, the Mosel port serves as the oilrig center for supply boat base, South Africa have got the port of Cape town, the Port of Saldanha, The port of Walvis Bay, these are the ports found in South Africa alone.

Other ports in Africa includes Port of Maputo which is the largest and busiest port in Mozambique exporting steel, coal, alloy and many other natural minerals and manmade goods. The beauty of Maputo port is the railway line interconnection between South Africa, Zimbabwe and Swaziland. Tanzania has the Port of Dar-Es- Salaam which has 11 berths for deep sea vessels and the entrance channel can only permit vessels of maximum length of 234 meters with both grain terminal and oil terminal at the port. These are some of the Ports found in the Continent of Africa


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